Pledge Handmade

Come to our Connecticut Holiday Show and Celebrate Handmade. The trees are laden with ornaments and the handmade clothes from Sis Boom Fabric are aching to be played in!!  We are rolling out Flower Power and Pretty Please  the latest textile collections and it is so exciting!!! but for those of you who can't make it to the show you can preview them here. Below You'll see the most incredible quilt designed by my girlfriend Nancy Geaney!  Her amazing photographer husband Tim took this photo!!  Together they are quite an awesome team…..thanks so much you two!!! We are so looking forward to seeing all of you for our 10th annual Holiday show.  We have so much we want to show you !  Even if you want to come look and get inspired we would love to see you!  Come get your season on and enjoy the cookies and coffee and delight in our Holiday kick off…!!  We are so looking forward to those happy hugs!


It’s good to be her!

My girlfriend Marie is Mother to this beautiful girl.  She also is one of my Angels that encourages me at every turn and has turned our handmade clothing into a huge success by spotlighting them in her Magical Witchy Poo Shop which is just starting to sell some accessories on line! Marie Wendorf is a huge sensation because she's a smart business woman who knows how to dress her clientele.  Marie is so enterprising and always on the cutting edge so if you are ever in Wilton please stop into her special corner of the world, the place woman flock to for affordable chic. Thanks Marie for your friendship !Sb-0457Sb-0481Sb-0490Sb-0523Sb-0543Sb-0745Sb-0714

Inspired Friends

My friend the glitter Fairy has landed the big one!!!  She is hosted by Amy Powers of Inspire Company as an  InspiredFriend….one word…..but that one word implies so much..Amy has an eye for talent and is incredibly talented herself making these one of a kind frosted Houses…I had the good fortune of meeting Amy at Silver Bella and have been smitten ever since she radiates good Karma and spreads it like wild flowers!!!  She is hosting the very renowned glitter fairy my good friend Laurie Davis of Glitter Works Studio so get over and get the goods while they last and tell them I say hi!Inspiredideasv1n15

I’m only Teasing

I told you I would give you a glimpse of what I am working on so stay tuned!!!IMG_0740IMG_0814IMG_0825IMG_0872

Swoon for Wonder Mommy

A ton of you know her because she makes wonderful patterns…Mellissa Abreu has become such a great blogging friend always coming around to lend her fabric approval…3002043627_c3f3430a2d
 I love her Yipees when I open an e-mail from her……She's incredibly talented and I love how she works the Sis Boom angle.  I think we will see more and more from this young lady so keep a watch…Jump in on one of her fantastic tutorials and see how she sews it all up!  Mellissa you make everyday special with that wonderful attitude it helps keep mine in check…You go girl..xoxoxJennifer