Lucky Me!!!!

What a fun project!! Deb Demboise from Say it with Letters suggested I do a project with some of her die-cuts I was eager to see what I could do with them!!! Then she posted Amy Powers project on her site and I was dumfounded!!! Amy raised the bar so high I could barely reach. For those of you who are not familiar with Amy take a look at her project for Deb!! …and when you are done there go see her wonderful fantastical houses at Inspire Co..Amy’s amazing blog and site!!! Fortunately I was able to spend time with this amazingly calm and centered lady and got to know her on a personal level and fell in love,
everything Amy does has her big fat heart inside. So then it was my turn and Deb sent me the letters Sis Boom and a wonderful crown to emblazen with a Sis Boom Signature style, these are the results of my endeavor. follow closely …here goes…Find some old Victorian sheet music that you love …these were found on ebay xerox onto card stock,adhere to letters with mod podge! Once these are dry sprinkle the outline with very fine glass glitter from Splinters and Rags let dry. Look in your old findings box of vintage jewels and Jazz up that pretty crown with some hot glue! FYI after things settle down I’ll put them on the wall! Deb thought of everything these are pre-drilled ready to hang….Deb, thanks for this fabulous opportunity!Img_0432

Market Watch Video

Check out Dow Jones Market Watch! Recent posting on Christmas Eve. (Quicktime is Needed!)


Make mine Cozy

Look what Marsha Moore made for quilt market using The Basics line from Sis Boom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Basics_quilt_2

Great shot!!


Sis Boom goes High Fashion


Look what my photographer friend Tim Geaney did with Sis Boom!!!  He took it to a Ford Modeling shoot and the rest is history!!  Is he amazing er what?????  Watch Tim in action!!!  Unknown

Get your swirl on!!!

My girlfriend Meredith Miller, the most amazing merchandiser and marketer of everything sweet had a party in her store Swirl in Redding,CT last night such a fun time with incredible eye candy…..Get your last minute stocking stuffers and treat yourself to her amazing store !!!! Say hi to Tracy behind the counter while she serves you up the most sensory of delights!!! The first 3 pics are things I made just for her…Img_0380_3

That Girl!!!

Oh Lordy, they don’t make them like this anymore!!! A faithful assistant! There is nothing this girl won’t do!!!
I’m so sad she’s graduating cause I would love to keep her!!! But alas she needs a real job and part time glittering just doesn’t pay the bills….I will miss her immensely but I am playing LOTTO like any good employer would and I have a good chance of keeping her, that is if I win….But in my heart I have won because for a short time our paths crossed and I have been blessed by this incredibly, stunningly, beautiful girl, inside and out….So here”s to you my love, Miss Jackie, go get em….no more make believe, your dreams are going to come true you have what it takes to make it in this big wide world! Never lose that smile or that optimism ,it’s what makes you unique…..You are a shining star. all my love, JenniferImg_0292

One lucky Lady

I named the Category Squish because its all about the love……look at these pictures over the past weekend…you tell me ….one big Sis Boom lovefest. Thank you to all of you for making it hugely successful, we love the ones who drive distances, the diehards who haven’t missed a season in 15 years, the ones who come for the cookies,the ones who came the wrong day, the ones that couldn’t make it, the ones who come for inspiration, the ones who come to meet George, the labradoodle, the ones who bring presents, the ones who make us giggle, the curious ones who see the Sis Boom signs and wonder what the heck it is, we love those who jog by and stop in, the ones who are tired of the malls, the ones who are building businesses with our fabrics, the ones making things for their granddaughters, the ones buying gifts or things for themselves, the ones who worked hard to have babies and now they are here in their carriers, those that like the lollipops and love touching everything, the ones who come during nap time or the ones that come five in tow, the ones who are patient with our credit card machine,
the ones that have found true love, the ones getting married, the ones getting divorced, the ones who have come back from their travels abroad, the ones who tell me how to make something better, I so appreciate my family of origin who call and pray for success of the show,it is all then there is the blossoming, burgeoning family that is Sis Boom. Last but not least the staff made up of all glittering angels who prop me up when I can barely stand up, who welcome folks in their loving way ,who give encouragement, who enjoy being surrounded by the Sis Boom crowd mostly made up of artists themselves who appreciate all that goes into everything handmade… I need all of you!! I really can’t thank you enough for the good feelings you leave behind that I in-turn share with others during the holiday season…I love you all, JenniferImg_0233_2

Crowning Glory

First I want to thank everyone for their comments because they mean so much to me and I appreciate you taking the time..Having said that please know that during showtime I do try to keep up but its not easy…Inspired by Silver Bella and all the glitter in my suitcase I came home to new ideas and fresh energy..I wanted to try something different and I did. The gifts I received both in brown paper packages and those from the heart will forever be etched in my memory of that Incredible weekend in Omaha Nebraska. It hasn’t ended for me! I love hearing from all of my bella buddies and I love cheering them on as they go for bigger and better things!! These are hard working gals many of whom take a leap of faith when they enter into the craft world for business….but it was their overall attitude that intrigued me the most…NEVER SAY DIE and with smiles and grace they go about doing the next right thing…..My heart leaps with every e-mail, every call, every comment that tells me of their successes. We are all in this together and after attending Silver Bella I realize we all need each other. Without further ado this is what you ladies inspired me to do…Img_0009