You guys are teaching me sooooo much we are all bogged down with gifts! I’m telling you I walk around like the cat’s pajamas and then I see someone’s blog and I am greatly humbled…Pamela Garrison has it going on and all the girls at silver bella ! Go nuts girls..Jenny and I are traveling to see you so look out here we come.!! I am in awe! So please continue to spellbind me with your dazzle!! Blessings to the camp and camp leaders because without you i would be uninspired and that is very very bad for the creative soul…Love, JenniferWallpapersweet_2

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  1. Baby Tease says:

    I have to second that. They are all sooo inspiring. I’ve found so many wonderful blogs and it’s kept me crafting these past few months, or at least desiring it everyday. They are also generous with their instruction.

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