Happy Halloween!!! Great Tutorial roundup!

We just love holidays because it always gives us a great excuse to look around for fun & inspiring tutorials. Here are a handful of tutorials that we loved this year and hope you will too! Thanks to all of the blogs for posting and sharing your special ideas! We loved them!

To view the tutorial, click on the image below!

We love crafting with paper! We love the simplicity and modern aspect of this project!

How fun is this! Imagine the possibilities.. maybe even throw some Sis Boom in there.. jus saying!

LOVE that decorating a pumpkin doesn't always mean carving a pumpkin. Let the glitter fly!

Hello Glue Gun how are ya?!

This may take some time and leave you with sticky fingers, but we're loving the pattern created by the candy corn!

the power of a sharpie!! this one is great for the last minute gang! LOVE!

The little guys will love this one!


Remember those Sis Boom Bats that our friend Melissa P constructed?! We posted the tutorial in September… and now it’s time to remind you again! Have a few minutes tonight and want to make something crafty with the kids?! Make some bats!

See the full post here

And The Winner is…

Thank you to everyone for participating in our raffle this past week! We LOVE reading all of your comments– they always make us happy.

Well, we were able to get the fabrics from Mimi & Eloise and box them up for our lucky winner… B. Yazoo!!! Congratulations! Have a FABULOUS day, everyone!

A Plethora of Pillows!

Sew Fun By Monique created this beautiful collection of pillows as a special order. We peeped it on Flickr and couldn’t take our eyes off them!

The bold collection ranges from current collections to those from years past, with a common denominator of pink pom poms. So good! Nice Job, Monique! Read more about Monique’s project here.

Kicking it up Atlanta Style!

Two of the sweetest most talented girls came by the Earth Angels tent to say hey!!!  Laurie from Preppy Paper Girl and Paige from MPM designs!  check out their loot!!!! They had the best time at the Country Living Fair and made me feel so special cause they are Sis Boom Likers (Lovers) and it touched me right in that special place!!!  They are both so talented and lovely and love the thrill of the hunt like most of us!!  So we’re chatting and they tell me they have Sis Boom fabrics all over their house!!!  I love hearing that out of the box application so let me show you Paige’s Headboards and bed skirt and let your heart throb like mine did and then be inspired.  So enamored of it against the black!!  So my friends, Thanks for your love and support and just plain girly gushing..I heart you both!!

Bumble Beans you are SO GOOD!

Check out this fabulous quilt by our dear friend Victoria of Bumble Beans! She calls it the Festival of Color, and we think that’s just right! Using mainly West Indies fabrics, Victoria seriously whipped up something magical here. She talks about cuddling in the quilt and we can’t say we’re not jealous!

Read more about Victoria’s quilt here

To die for!!!

Girls World vibe Quilt!!!!  See it in Houston this weekend!  Designed by our friend Marsha Moore this may be one of my all time favorites!!

Roll out the Red Carpet for Rosetta!

We were lucky enough to have Katie home for a few days last week… so what did we do? We scooped her up and made her model some Sis Boom goodies… specifically the Rosetta bag!!!

Did you know there are actually 3 size options? Mini (S), Purse (M) and Tote (L)- all of which come with the pattern PDF! Also, there are three options for edge finishing (overlocked, narrow hemmed, and double thickness ruffles), so don’t worry if you don’t have a serger!

The Rosetta bag is currently our only (and most favorite) PDF bag pattern. We have seen our Sis Boom friends mix it up like none other!

The options are limitless and it is a very versatile shape and design that appeals to little girls and moms alike. I bet you could even talk your college gal into carrying her books in one of these beauties!

Setting the Scene Hickity Pickity Style

Judy Buchanin of Hickity Pickity always does such an amazing job of setting the scene.. It’s a Sunday afternoon and the girls are in the sunfilled kitchen baking their little hearts away. The smells are sweet, the colors are saturated and warm, and the clothing is to die for.

Can’t you smell the cupcakes in the oven? Can’t you taste the sweet icing? Doesn’t this make you want to go and sew up a sweet little apron for your sweet little girl?

It’s a Clutch, It’s a Shoulder bag, It’s Amazing!

Most Melissa P. posts start off with a sigh (the best possible sigh)… the kind of sigh that is like.. wow. she is good.. I mean, really good. what can I say about her…

Melissa, you always design clean, happy, fun things and they are always full of spirit, love, and beauty! Of course we are partial because they’re Sis Boom fabrics, but even when we look past that we so appreciate your talent and drive!

We are really super excited to share with all of our Sis Boom friends the following designs that Melissa P. brought to life using West Indies! Beautiful, right?!