Missing Sophie

She was an angel, so helpful, so loving, so thoughtful, so charming, so talented.  She's back in Atlanta with her mom but I enjoyed every second together!  We even had a photoshoot that she was a major part of.  So thanks Sophie for coming and making my life super easy !! I love you.  These photos are just previews of a very exciting project I'm working on.  I promise to keep you posted.  I love watching the collections at work, the simple stripe fabric taking on a french flair and the Kimberly Cheater looking so lived upon.  As back drops Amanda Fleur and Prelude just
giving us beautiful color in the natural surroundings.  Hey by the way I love when you come around to my raffles and leave your wonderful comments.  I promise I'm listening.  I count you as my close blogging friends that come around to each and every post .  I wish I could respond in person i do try but my creative side must be working in order for me to keep it all coming at you. So stay inspired. Love what you make and do and keep coming back for inspiration.  I rely on that.  The raffle is tomorrow for previous post and it will be posted by Wednesday. Good luck!
DSC_0177 DSC_0127 DSC_0135 DSC_0100 DSC_0150

As promised!!!!!

Dance with me !! The singular most popular line so far is triggering a national celebration (not really but loved announcing it that way.)  It really is the request du jour  certainly from my quilting buds.  So tell me is it true?  What is your favorite Sis Boom Line? ….oh and after the peasent pattern that Carla is working on are their any requests for patterns?  So leave a comment and enter to win a fat quarter bundle of these beauties.  Drawing ends this coming Sunday at 5pm June 28th.  I have my neice visiting so it could be busy around here for a few days . Have fun thinking up great ideas for the big win.  Visit the Jolly Jabber The Fat Quarter Shop blog to learn more about Dance With Me then visit their shop for some prebundled fatquarters!!  They make sewing a quilt from Dance With Me so easy.

..and we’re live…

Carla Crim has done it again!!! The Tunic for women is up and ready for you to download!!!  Oh please show us the goods..It's available on You can Make this !!!!!!!!!!  We also have a free download for frayed roses and the childrens tunic.  We are so proud of ourselves!!!  Oh and don't forget to take a look at Carla's (Scientific Seamstresses) other patterns cause she's the best in the biz!!! On my way to NYC to ponder and fill my soul with inspiration so get started on these and I'll check back with you.  A big thanks to Meg from The brassy apple for her beautiful photographs!! Make sure to look at her patterns too!!!  The apron link is one of my favorites!!!




Ponies brought us together!!

Thanks everyone for coming and supporting us in the rain….that wasn't very fun but I was so glad that didn't stop you!!  It was a huge success and we raised a good amount for our single purpose which is to raise funds for Lyme research.  So here's a look from the three days and folks Sis Booming it up for the cameras!! Next stop will be a dance with me raffle so keep an eye out!!!  Carla Crim piled up the car with more silhouettes for upcoming patterns  and brought her beautiful family and my new friend Cathy !!! 
DSC_0119 DSC_0158
DSC_0163 DSC_0178 DSC_0101 DSC_0147 DSC_0223 DSC_0111 DSC_0207 DSC_0185 _MG_6464 _MG_6449 _MG_6058 _MG_6407 _MG_6367 _MG_6188 _MG_6342 _mg_5888 _MG_6252 _mg_5899 _mg_5787 Barbara n sophie

We deliver!!!!

We know you love them because whenever we raffle fatquarters the hits go way up so guess what???  Jocelyn Lai from The Fat Quarter Shop wanted everyone to know that they have Dance with me!!!  Get them while they have them ..this line is the most requested of all my lines!!  By the yard or by the bundle they are ready to serve it up!!!  I love the names they used and they do the coolest graphics. I can't thank you enough for this!!!  Take a look at the free download of The Dance with me quilt!

The big reveal!

Check it out!! Just a teaser til after the show…enough to make you want more.  Please stop in.  A big shout out to Mary for making it all possible adding all the lush details that have taken Sis Boom to a whole new level and working very hard so we could bask in the glory of it all.  So much to see and Olivia our favorite model and George in Customer Service are standing by to greet you so come on down!!! The quilts you are seeing are Nancy Geaney's from Dark Horse Farm! Go make your Bed! We hope to see you there….we'll leave the light on.  xoxox
_MG_5414 _MG_5422 _MG_5354  _MG_5347_MG_5416

Don't forget surprises under the tent real cheap..I mean inexpensive.


It’s never to late!

I have to say I'm so grateful that I can be open.  I didn't say it was easy but I do try to stay open to others ideas and constructive criticism.  I think a better term is suggestions.  I do listen to advice but if I sense a tone…you know what I'm saying..I shut down and can't hear anything because the tone or attitude is so loud.  We all think we know what our business needs and that's probably when it's time to shake things up.  Someone approached me about a shop facelift and I was open but scared….I hate change but then again I remained open.  I just felt it was an expense that I could do without.  So when Mary Tucciarone suggested in a very loving way, I might add, that the show was looking the same and a change up would be fresh and exciting as hard as it was to hear I knew I needed to take a look.  When a close friend wants to help and is coming from a sincere place its time to face the music. Mary had tapped into a big fear of mine that we all have as shop owners which is a stale environment. No can do!!!  So three days later and lots of hard work my investment has paid off hugely.  I can't believe I'm in the same house!! (that's where my shop is!!)  So for three days starting June 11th from 9-6 come and see what Mary has done!!  When its all done there will be lots of photos I promise!  Please e-mail me for her contacts if you are at all interested in her incredible talents.  House or shop she's on it!!  I just don't see a way to add her e-mail…sorry folks.  The next item up is the show and for those of you who can't make it in the next three weeks will be a fatquarter raffle for Dance with me!!!!!  If you want to get in on a terrific raffle today go see Nancy Deweir Geaney over at Dark Horse farm and get yourself a pony!!  There will also be plenty of Ponies at the show for your little ones. Below are just a few of the items that we will have available at our handmade Sis Boom Show. Last reminder for three days only Sis Boom fabrics are available at the show in Ct! Oh and by the way before you leave don't forget my hug!!
IMG_2348 6a00d8341c964853ef011570a6496b970b-800wi
DSC_0011_11 Dance+with+me+Jennifer+Paganelli+Pickled+Pear+Lane+bundle



A place for Us!!

Check this out Sarah Fielke Of Material Obsession fame is spinning out on her own and is now the creative director of Sewn!  This promises to be a very informative website for all your quilting needs and new ideas for fabric crafts.  I can hardly wait!!  We are so excited to see what will be coming out of Austraila and New Zealand (I truly think half of my customer base is from there).  Don't you love how the blog world keeps us just minutes away??  We are united by our passions with fabric.  I don't know about you but I am so intrigued by other parts of the world and what they are creating.  Who knew with a click of a mouse that would be possible.  While you are there make sure you visit  The Last Piece  Sarah's wonderful blog and don't worry she will always be writing books that is a big part of her!!  We are so happy to have Sewn in the blogesphere and can't wait to see whats next…so go over now cause theres a  nice raffle happening. I know first hand how much you love those!!Oh and tell her I sent you..xo Jennifer