Leighanna with Pom Poms!!

Pom Poms are the bomb!!!!!!  We couldn’t resist designing a simple dress whose adornment is the beauty and spark of the pom pom!!!!  Like most folks I see a pom pom and I want to own whatever it is with those precious baubles. Judy captured the heart of the pom pom when she paired it with this wonderful fresh geometric Poodle Marnie in Fuchscia!!!!! Fashionable Fabrics has it in stock!!  The orange pom poms set it off so nicely!!  and oh so Palm Beach!!  Judy Buchanan does it so well that even the babies are happy with this selection!!!  It helps to have Georgia at Georgia Handy photography. Happy New Year to the tribe at Hickity Pickity for the New Years eve slam dunk!!! So download the pattern today..

West Indies Vacation..Free

Ok so I took a bit of advertising liberty but made you look!!!!  I think if Sis Boom calculated all the fans around the world Australia would be the most highly populated.   They love us!!!  Well I found a new friend that I want to introduce to you that is part of that Sis Boom subculture and love how she works it..Love the Joel Dewberry woodgrain and how it picks up that green in West Indies. Mandalin is from you guessed it Australia!!  I just wanted to show you her patchy work and how beautiful West Indies looks!!! These fabrics are now on sale in most places so stock up!!! Mandalin thanks for sharing your enthusiasm of West Indies with your readers and the winner gets to stay with you in Australia!!  Forgot to mention that!! JK

You could win!!!!!

a big pile of fatquarters if you are the first to see this ad run.  We still have a couple of months to go but if you are the first to see the ad you could win a pile of fat quarters.  So report back to us . I think it runs in April just tell us the publication and you could win!!!  Crossing my fingers for you!!!

A baby quilt

How dear is this..Victoria is giving it to a new little one.  You all know Victoria Findley from Bumble Beans. A wonderful collection of Sis Boom this and that..

Coming March CRAZY LOVE

Sew Fun by Monique has created the first of four Crazy Love Quilts.  This is not meant to be a tease but rather to excite you for the Holidays cause when the dust settles and the kids go back to school and the winter days string end to end there is hope Hope for beautiful things made with Crazy Love.  I might even go out on a limb and say this could be my favorite yet but I don’t want to bias you in any way so forget I said that :).  Monique is into Crazy Love and is so excited that I would actually want this quilt so weez gonna trade for fabric!!!!!!  Are you kidding me?? I have to have this!!!!!!  So bohemian so ultra fantastic.. Monique you rock the Casbah!!!!  I always say that..Three more artists will be presenting their take on Crazy Love so we’ll have three more posts to entice you so please stay close.  I think you will be very very please by my choices!!!! I love the enthusiasm it sparks.  Read what Katy Jones has to say about Crazy Love and the exquisite photo she took in front of her cool wallpaper.

Agnes Tunic is great for the Holidays!!!!

Once again Tights and Boots take this quilting fabric to the outdoors!!!!  It’s inside Girls World which includes the pattern to create this Lovely dress!!! Three more ship days til

Christmas so please buy it for yourself or a loved one today to get it on time. Purchase here.


The Shana Bell Sleeve for New Years Eve!!!  Yes make it, party in it!!  Just enjoy !!  love the big MOD sleeves!!!  Get your download today.

Leighanna Winning!!!

Taking the world by storm this sweet soft silhouette has so much style!!  We are certainly excited by all the hoopla our testers have caused with the new Leighanna why just take a look at Carla’s site! We are so thankful to them for giving the Leighanna Sis Boom Pattern a thumbs up!!! You guys are super and your enthusiasm drives Carla and I to bring you the very best.

We are so listening to your feedback that why we are introducing the Devon in February which is the adult version of the Leighanna so stay tuned. Take a look at just a few of the Leiganna photos.

Sew Mama Sew

The first arrival of Girls World vibe!!!!!! Sew Mama Sew the goods are in before the Holidays ..these are a great staple!!  Tried to give a sensibility of Casey Scroll that you all know and love..so here goes..Cheers for all your Girls World projects!! The coordinate fabric makes it so fun to add a sash or a ruffle or a floral accent!!  Play with them , create some wonderful quilts and clothing..Enjoy!!

Pincushion ladies

Have you met our Cathy , She’s the bomb!!  She handles all of our customer service questions in the pattern department.  A very good friend of Carla’s, and a cheerleader of all things Sis Boom!!  We have built the best team!!  Anyway she really does some of the most wonderful projects and because I was lucky enough to get one in the mail I thought I’d share it with you!! (not sure whose fabric on the end but it looks great in the black and white too!!!

Cathy I’ll never be able to thank you enough!!!!!! Thanks for such a lovely gift.