Etsy Junkie

Oh my goodness I’ve been shopping Etsy what cool stuff…I’m hooked,only hand made things now I’m wondering if I should list…The pretty Estelle bag is from Shabby BoudoirIl_430xn518445_1The Joy banner is from
Il_430xn5414470_1my new friend Missy and lastly a cute birdie from Anna

Twirling girls

You haven’t heard from me because I have post show blues…..when the doors close on the final day I really do miss that energy! It’s crazy watching people buy your things and love them as much as I do making them ! I just wanted to share photos that were sent into me I just adore the girls in their Sis Boom vintage tablecloth dresses!
Thanks to everyone who came and shared and laughed and made me cry you all mean so much to me…JenniferImg_0880

Angels on High

Hey everyone who is dropping by the blog I appreciate each and everyone of you…I’m panicking don’t have enough stuff etc….why do I do that to myself…I’ll get back to you after the show..wanted to show you how these
just came together by “accident”…Have a great weekend..Cimg5030

I can hardly wait!!!!

2 day countdown and I can hardly wait alwayss nervous and excited …Do I have too much for the show ??not enough? I’ve been doing this for 10 years and I still get the jitters! I want so much to be fresh and thanks to the cutting edge women of blogville I have gleaned a new flava!!! Thanks for all of your support..You all rock in my world!Cimg5020