Prelude to Flower Power

Flower Power comes out in January but prelude will be introduced at Quilt Market! So sorry I won’t be there I will miss you all!! The show in December at my place has just gotten bigger and bigger and it requires I craft all October and November!!! I just put on my creativity cap and don’t look up til it’s over!! So blogging may get scarce but don’t worry before the Sis Boom Holiday Show you’ll see what has been going on in Santa’s work shop…I hope to see you all then. Mark it on your calenders cause I don’t think we will be doing a mailing just e-mails…please spread it around…..So below is Prelude and also the postcard that will be going out!!! We can’t wait to give you a Holiday Hug!Sb8965

Bell Bottom ideas!

Just having fun expressing myself through the Bell Bottoms Collection thought I’d share some suggestions and photos of the rich color palette…that beautiful quilt wrapped on the chaise was made by my friend Nancy Geaney of Dark Horse Farms as always don’t forget to show me your pics on my flickr site….My sister appreciates the outpouring of sympathy for her beloved pet Pumpkin and I’m afraid still no word but will let you know if the situation gets remedied please feel free to share the story with anyone you think could help..xoxox JenniferImg_2713

Sewing Soulfully

Before I begin let me just thank you all for your kindness in the last post. I want you to know I appreciate it and am doing as much as I can to get attention to this…I e-mailed Atlanta Newspapers, Atlanta TV, Ceaser Milan, Dogtown, Best friends, anyone that would listen and very little progress. Not defeated just frustrated that this is what it is…but I will keep up the good fight and thanks for standing beside me..On a sweeter note I’d like to introduce you to Aimee Poche the creater and designer of SewSensible! and is producing the greatest patterns for sale in her Etsy shop! the best thing about her patterns is she tries to keep the beginner in mind. She also has a blog about her 8, count em 8 children! She designs sells the patterns at You can make this. What I have learned about this beautiful soul is that she walks in faith. She and her husband founded an orphan adoption ministry
called His Heart for Orphans</ and they themselves have adopted some of their children!! What I am so moved by is that she gets it all done and still finds time to give, to me that’s the beauty of the human spirit…Many blessings Aimee to you and your Ministry.Tweenteenboutiquedresstopcover2

May He Rest in Peace

My heart is breaking! My sister’s Pet, her beloved Pumpkin and her daughter Sophie’s best friend was killed by a band of wild dogs roaming the city of Atlanta!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, a city, a growing metropolis, has been home to these wild dogs that terrify their neighborhoods killing their cats and now a 60 lb dog!! Enough is enough..calls to the city have gone unheeded and these emaciated mongrels have been allowed to terrorize the neighborhoods!! Now my sister lives with an extraordinary vision of not being able to save her amazingly humanlike dog from their clutches but the guilt of letting him out to go to the bathroom in his own back yard!!!!!!! It’s 2008 people!!!! My sister was over the top in love as only a dog lover could know with Pumpkin
and wondered if she could ever survive without him, after all the highs and lows he has comforted her through. Never did she imagine he would die in such a horrific way..carrying his tortured body home to save the life left in him and then making the grueling decision to let him sleep. Forgive me for using my blog but my heart is so heavy and I needed to say something and my quilting companions with all our dogs could possibly make a difference. I don’t know about euthanizing but if they are not or can not be rehabilitated is a child next? My niece Sophie is 60 lbs. Atlanta are you listening??? 4 dogs has turned into 9 over the course of 4 years!! Please keep my sister Meg and Sophie in your prayers, this is a tough one. For now leave a comment and if I find the right channels to voice an opinion I’ll let you know….Image001_2