SEWN Hats Giveaway!!!!

Have you heard?!??! Carla Hegeman Crim just came out with a book!! It’s called Sewn Hats, and it features a vast array of different types of hats suitable for all ages… and they are all sewn! It’s really awesome.

We are so honored to see Sis Boom fabrics throughout the book, and to have been featured among a set of wonderful and talented artists. We LOVE our Heloise Floral Hat SO much!!!

For those of you who love and have asked about the vintage hats that appeared throughout Girl’s World book, now you can design your very own alongside Carla’s beautiful instructions and illustrations!

Ok so I wrote this awhile ago but am republishing for a giveaway..I took my Handy Dandy Book to the Ohio Columbus Fair and made quite the hit!!! Carla’s debut is so hot can’t keep it on the shelves.  So leave a comment today to win your copy!!

Big Shout Out

We are so excited for Judy Buchanan’s debut in Sew Beautiful!!  It‘s a big Deal.  It never gets old.  Everytime we make it into a magazine we are overjoyed!!  So we know first hand how it feels and Judy for you this is just the beginning.  All of you know Judy Buchannon from Hickity Pickity.  She makes almost everything you can imagine.  Her things are all at Harvey’s on First in Del Ray, it has become a popular hot spot for all things colorful and beachy.  Contact her on Etsy, she’ll make it for you!!  She does all of our patterns in the fabric of your choice.  She is the very best. Her beautiful daughter Kate is also a fellow artist and models the Rebecca for mama in our Chunky zebra.  Judy , remember and that goes for everyone reading this..YOU ARE A BIG DEAL.  There is a and relax as it unfolds. MWAH!!!  The cover to the Sew Beautiful magazine is to the right. The dresses are in her shop with a million other beautiful items.  Thanks Georgia handy for beautiful baby shot..xo


Freespirit celebrates Happy Land!

It’s just so exciting around here.  Everything is coming up roses.  Literally!!  Happy Land will make you smile and conjure up endless ideas of Happy possibilities.  Freespirit Fabric has all your favorite designers and they just started a facebook page so please go and like them.  Tell them I sent you. Sign up for the giveaway!  This is your forum to discuss things with Freespirit.  Do you want Sis Boom Fabrics in the UK???   Tell them here!  Tell them if you want Loopy Vintage Floral , this is the place to get your voice heard.  They are kicking off their Facebook Launch with a giveaway so get over there and win some fabric and a copy of Happy Home.  I’m talking generous one yard cuts..Get your hustle on..   Thanks Freespirit for making Happy Land a special Debut.  Goes so well with Happy Home and the lifestyle sensibility you all have grown to love.  Kick butt leave a comment over there. I’m rooting for you.

PS you’ll have another chance to see the Downy video. We all know how much you want to see that..xoxoxo


Queen Street Rocks On

Queen Street is getting harder to find folks so please share some links in the comments section if you have any luck finding.  I’ve been getting so many emails and inquiries from around the world and I am so grateful you love the Sis Boom aesthetic.  Nothing feels better than when you all tell me Sis Boom fabrics make you want to sew!!!!

So along comes this sweet girl Natalie Scotts Hearn from Peaches and Brown Sugar Designs!!  I love what she shared on facebook.

Natalie welcome to the Sis Boom family all hoarders welcome!!!!  You made me smile big and your work is amazing.  Keep up the enthusiasm and laugh often!!

FYI Google search brings up lots of places that still have Queen Street.

oooohhh also a raffle. Please enter to win Happy Home. It’s a definite possibility you could win this time.  Mom always says be in it to win it..  Leave a comment at Craft Foxes now!!  or try this link and watch the Downy video again. xo  You will love Craft Foxes!!


Super Fly is Amazing

We just can’t get enough.  Think tablecloth inside Happy Home or the Canopy inside Happy Home.  This large motif is just what is needed.  I will never get enough in every colorway this beauty is a winner.  Please I insist if you love hoard because they don’t stay on the market very long. Folks are finding it more and more difficult to find Queen Street.    We also have to let you know do to some unforeseen circumstances the Vanessa and the Bettyann will be delayed until next spring that is the bottom photo here.  We wish you many blessings today and always. Love, Jennifer    Fabrics found here, Thanks Hawthorne Threads. Photos my friend Tim Geaney.

The Beauty of Stella

This little girl is breathtaking.  Her mom is Jennifer  from Forty Toes Photography with over 19,000 followers this little girl has become an overnight sensation. Her Luminous skin and curly locks have made her a fashion icon in the sewing world.  Jennifer is so talented at the styling, the creative forces are at work in all of her photography.  We are so lucky to know her and be touched by her amazing spirit.  Thanks for all you do for these dress collections.  Folks just marvel at their beauty.  I love how you capture the moment.  Crazy Love Fabric available here.  In Australia here.

24 hours left and they mean it!!

Great prices on your favorite Home Dec products!!!  Your faves!!  Do not miss out. My sister missed out and was quite annoyed with me, so go crazy friends. Rugs and Pillows too.  Joss and Main gives designer goods at great prices!!  These and many more.


All you need is love!

Happy Land, coming soon to a store near you!!  Request it by name!!! xo

Berto an Kate, we will miss you so much, it’s been a great summer.  We love you so much, Jennifer and Maddie.

College Bound Quilt!!

Susan Clark has created the most beautiful quilt.  All with Sis Boom scraps.  She’s a local and we are so lucky to know her!!!  I love this beautiful quilt she created for her daughter.  Amelia is one lucky girl!!!! Thanks for sharing this beauty with us.  Let us know when you start a blog.  Hugs to you and best wishes to Amelia!! Love your kitty..


So Way Cool

Check out this cute Bucket Hat my friend Jane Skoch from Maiden Jane created.  Jane is so fun and I think this laminated Bucket Hat is no exception!!!  How adorable is this???  She’s even sharing folks. I tell you those friends of Sis Boom have big hearts.  So where ever you are and we hope you are not worried about hurricanes and if you are be safe.  This little hat will keep you covered!!!  Martha Pullen has the goods!!  We wish your beautiful daughter all the love and success in school..xo