Amor in PR

My mom. Patty. as I like to call her, hosted a magical Valentine’s Day for all her girlfriends and My sister Molly on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico where she calls home for the last 16 years…Take a glimpse and see how the hostess with the mostess celebrates cupid’s Day…….D5f6

Pam Garrison

Go get a copy of Somerset Studio!!! Once again Pam knock’s our socks off with her extraordinary uber talents!! She is the creative rock star of all time and I am a huge fan……Her work is sumptuious and seductive but above all ultra pretty!!! Takes the banal and turns it on its head!! I love her stuff,her blog,but most of all her!! Thanks for your authentic voice Pamela!!! Pam_1

Real Talent

If you don’t know about Angelina you should…..visit her card and paper boutique….she loves the vintage imagery and uses it in a current and refreshing way…oodles of items for sale on her website… favorite are her vintage pattern take-offs!! See what I mean!!Glamour_2

Computer Play

I love photoshop!!!!!!!!! Still so challenged but having a super time acting as if!!!!Cimg5244_2

Busy Work

I’m busy getting organized and finding places for things….keeping a perpetual positive attitude so I don’t get caught up in the negativity…it’s important for me to be vigilant with a good attitude because I can so quickly feel I’ll never get out from under but once I start creating the flow quiets the soul and I am soothed with the wonder of being in the moment!!! Tomorrow I’ll tell you about a couple of publications I purchased so you can get fired up about creating….Cimg0045

Back in the Saddle

Oh my gosh, Feels good to be making and crafting again, minor surgery kept me off my feet but back in blogland ready to begin anew for Spring……Thanks for all the kudos on the fabrics I can hardly wait to see what you all come up with…..Well the first picture is of a new chair I purchased in Old Saybrook,CT.
on a girls weekend….my friends Nuala and Karen….(whose names you may know from my fabric line)
took a weekend off to stay at a cozy Inn and antique in the day,eat wonderful meals and chat all night…
all of us were thrilled with the time together and no interruptions especially Nuala who has two under 5
years old….I love my purchase..take a peek!Cimg0042

Spill the Beans

My blogger buds are first to see…not on the market until May but you are the lucky ones!! So spill the beans but remember to be patient…they will be here before you know it…..I wanted to leave you with something awesome while I take a break for a week! Blessings…JenniferModdy

Pretty Maids all in a Row

I don’t know how they came about, I just got busy the other day..but now they have become family…old wallcovering, bits of this and that and Voila!!! They all have such attitude…Cimg5284