What an exciting day for us here at Sis Boom… Our friend Jessica, over at LOVE COLORFUL, is hopping on board the Sis Boom train to bring you a variety of FABULOUS tutorials featuring Sis Boom CLIP ART, eye candy & inspiration! Get excited, because this is going to be happening once a week around here.. aka, you’ll be so inspired you won’t know where to start! So, friends, let’s put our hands together for Jessica and the LOVE COLORFUL CLIP ART SERIES!!!

Hey, everyone! I am so honored to share with you that Love Colorful & Sis Boom are teaming up to bring you some super awesome, sparkly, happy craft projects!!

Each week I’ll be posting up a colorful new project for you to try using some of the clip art files.  From confetti hearts to vintage ephemera, the clip art is already inspiring by itself, but in case you’re in the market for a little more creative inspiration, I’m here to offer up a little guidance (and some glitter!)

The first project will be going up this Friday, March 1st, so be sure to stop by and check it out!  Want to get a jump start on the clip art craze? Go here to get yours now!  As you can see, they are all so pretty and versatile – and totally affordable when you think of all the mileage we’ll get out of them!

Remember to check back here on Fridays for new clip art projects!

Allegro Fabrics Sewing Kit Giveaway & Discount Code!

WIN this Happy Land + Cathy pattern SEWING KIT by Allegro Fabrics!!

Thanks to our friends over at Allegro Fabrics  for making this possible.

Here’s the deal:  Leave a comment on this post to automatically enter yourself.
You’ll have 1 WEEK – Winner will be randomly selected on Tuesday March 5th.

also… AllegroFabrics is celebrating it’s 5th anniversary this month.  For 15% off your entire order, use discount code HappyBDay at checkout . Offer valid through March 3rd.

This sewing kit includes everything you need to make this dress.
-Cathy by Sis Boom downloadable pattern
-both fabrics
-bias tape
sizes 6 mo-12 years

Thread is not included

What’s your fave Sis Boom pillow?

Which one screams your name– What would perfectly suit your loveseat?! Do you gravitate toward the playful designs? Geometrics? Classic? Whimsical? Talk to us?! What setup would you LOVE on your LOVESEAT?! (Personally, we love them ALL!)



Angie gets dressed up…

Something we love to do is imagine our line of patterns as people. Each one seems to have a personality of its own… mostly easygoing and comfortable, and also versatile. We took this Summer Angie and gave her a little Spring / Fall look.

What would Angie wear if she were to go out with friends? There’s nothing that a denim jacket and pair of riding boots can’t transform! This is our beautiful model, Kelsey.


Circa comes to life!

We got our hands on some Circa and are pumped to show you what it can do! Totally channeling Sis Boom goodness from years past, this collection screams antique just the way we had hoped it would!

It’s filled with soft, sweet, feminine floral prints, but never without that richness we love so much here at Sis Boom. Can’t you see yourself with a little Circa clutch? Summer dress? Quilt? Pillow? Where to stop?! What would you do with Your Circa?!

Circa Alphabet… FREE!

We know you’re all dying for Circa in your sewing studios.. and it’s so close (ships in May).. ‘Til then, here’s something fun for you. It will also give you a taste of what our CLIP ART products are all about.

Click HERE or on the image below to automatically download a Circa Alphabet file (FREE!). Once you’ve completed the download, use the file for digital or printing purposes! (The File is a PDF and will probably go directly to your downloads folder)

Create an e-card for your friend.. print and cut out the letters to collage your way to a masterpiece… Make a mini banner!!… Really, the possibilities are endless and that’s what we LOVE so much about CIRCA.. and, CLIP ART! HAVE A BLAST!

Sis Boom Moment brought to you by Mia

Let’s all take a moment to admire this sweet Mia. How precious is she?! Thanks Tim, for capturing this Sis Boom moment.

We’re LOVING how Super Fly, such a mod, strong, large, bold print, is lending itself to a soft, sweet moment here. It’s like the print that does it all– from ultra mod curtains and pillows to dainty dresses for sweet little girls.

We hope this peaceful Sis Boom moment made you smile. What would you do with Super Fly?!


I can never get enough!!!!  I would fill my house with them.  Real, artificial , dried, give them to me anyway!! So it’s my job to keep them coming.  Thanks for all the Circa Love and for being the best peeps ever!!!  Roses below, something in the future possibly??  Keep all the love coming this way, we feel ya!! We are busy making Circa prototypes so forgive us if we lag at all on the social media piece cause you are all very important to us!!!  Always enjoy dreaming of more roses!



Dream of Possibilities

So my job is to entice! How am I doing?  I know it feels like a tease but you can be sketching and laying out your quilt ideas or children’s clothes or beach bags while I torture you with my photos.  I know not very nice.  So you’ll just have to sit back and take it!!  You know I love you guys.  Wow facebook has been lighting up like a switchboard and please no hard feelings if I don’t get to you I am doing my best but sometimes I have been known to miss a few things whatever you do don’t take it personally. Seriously it’s all about the fun of creating.  I adore all of you so much and would hate to think you felt overlooked.  So here’s some photos to help you think outside the box.  Much love, Jennifer


We are big in Australia

How cool is that.   It’s so neat to have friends that are waking up when you are going to bed!!!  We chat while we can.  I have news for all my diehard friends!! Fabric Pixie will be carrying Circa!!  She’s going to have 2 bolts of each so make sure you get to know her. I love her already and told her we would be talking her up!!  Tell her we sent you and to have all our Aussie friends join us on facebook!

Hi Jennifer,

Oh my goodness! That would be just so fantastic that you could put the word out for me!
I run my fabric store from a studio at my home located at 15 Dymock Drive, Goonellabah, New South Wales 2480 Australia.

My website is

Thank you for your support!

Kind Regards,

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