See our Beloved Marcella Pillows on Shelter!

Shelter, by Julie Richard, posted a really beautiful spread featuring Jennifer’s most recent designs including the Marcella pillows, Honey Child, Rugs, and St. Thomas pillow collection! See exactly what Julie has to say about these Summery pieces!

You can find many of these beautiful pillows and rugs at the lovely Layla Grace!

The Belle & The Beau.. um, Hello! SO COOL!

We were so lucky to meet lovely Amy at Quilt Market, where she excitedly told us about her fabulous site, The Belle and the Beau. We couldn’t check it out fast enough when she described the ways she used our beloved Queen Street for the Queen Street Tie Collection. Amy— You’re awesome!

What a wonderful concept, what stunning products, and what an honor to be represented! You’ve all gotta check it out– Amy’s got something for everyone and for every occasion!

TISL Style… we love you!

We totally love anyone who refers to Jennifer as, “…the wizardress of flowers, ruffles and pom-pom trim mixed with a touch of vintage and fantasy…” I mean, come on.. does a cooler compliment exist?

Thank you to TISLstyle for such a sweet Girl’s World post and for the Sis Boom love. Take a peak at their beautiful site and what they had to say about Girl’s World. xo Happy Sunday!

Sis Boom Events Right Around the Corner!…

Hi everyone! HAPPY FRIDAY!! It seems like it was just yesterday when we posted our Monday 10 Yard Raffle! (Keep commenting you still have some time. Winner will be announced next week!) This week flew by! With time moving so quickly we wanted to remind you about a few, exciting upcoming events! Mark those calendars! We can’t wait to spread the Sis Boom love!

Jennifer’s Girl’s World Book signing at Intown Quilters. See details below!..

And then… The Big Sis Boom Girl’s World signing and Summer show at the Sis Boom headquarters in Wilton, CT! See details below.

Girl’s World Pups!!

Check this out. Our dear Jenny brought these Girl’s World pups to life! How’s everyone doing with their projects?! Post your pics on flickr so we can enjoy them too!!

Let me just say this!!!

Let Girls World be a guide for you to create.  I give you permission to think big!!!!!!!!!!   Several of you have expressed interest in a teaching sewing class!!!  Oh my gosh, the Mary Fancy Sash dress one week the Agnus Tunic the next!!!  or maybe there’s a girlscout troop you lead and  you can make the Goodwill Ambassador badges!!  Those can also be used for a weddings too for the bridesmaids etc!!!  Also that amazing headband, make them and sell them on etsy!! All I ask is that you say where you got your inspiration from, if it’s Girls World give us a hollaback.  As you know Sis Boom is a big supporter of Women and Men starting businesses.  It really excites us so much and when you use are fabrics we just swoooooooooonnn!!   We hope that Girls World can inspire you to create beautiful things and we wish you all the success in the world.  So let us know what you are thinking what you are dreaming about, how Girls World can help you achieve your goals.  Be extraordinary!!!!!!  We love you all and we believe in your dreams.  It all comes back around and there is enough for everyone, oh and my favorite…you are right where you are supposed to be.  Strut your stuff  cause we believe in you!!!

A Peaceful Sanctuary.

We adore this attic… long, mossy green Casey Scroll drapes sweep the floor… softly colored walls emit a calmness, and just enough light seeps in to set a peaceful tone. Why can’t we all have fabulous attics like this?! See more beautiful moments captured by Annalea Hart.

Learn how to make curtains with just a pair of scissors… by Annalea Hart

pssst. Hey, You!… Don’t forget to comment on our raffle post! Just by commenting you enter to win 10 yards of Sis Boom fabric!

Heloooo Laminate!

We’re just loving these laminates!!!

Ok, we know we posted a laminate bag just a few days ago, but we stumbled upon this beauty and couldn’t resist posting about it today!

Made by our awesome friend, Victoria of Bumble Beans, this laminate screams out Summer fun! Can’t you imagine toting this beauty along the beach stuffed with your fabulous book, sandals, sunglasses and towel!? (psst… ignore the fact that it’s been raining for the past 2 weeks!)

If you’re not a sewer, we suggest you pick up some yardage in order to dress your table, like Victoria did here!…

Where can you purchase your laminates?, and Modern June are two great places to start!!

Super PS… did you see yesterday’s raffle post?! What are you waiting for! Go leave a comment to enter! Winner gets 10 yards of Old School Sis Boom fabric!! yeah!!!

10 Yard Giveaway Old School style!!!!

Haaaappy Monday!! We know Mondays are tough, which is why we’re going to give you a reason to smile!….

These 10 yards are Sis Boom classics! They can be yours! Leave a comment to enter!

Ohhh no! Someone got a hold of them… George…?! Geeeeoooorgeee??!! Can we please have that fabric??

If you’ll excuse us, we’ve gotta go get our 10 yard stack back from George so we can eventually pass it on to YOU!

George? Please? Can we have them back? Pretty Please?

Leave a comment on this post to automatically enter yourself in the raffle! good luck! You’ve got a week or so, until winner is announced!

Hey Atlanta.. Here Comes Jennifer!!!!

Good news for all you Atlanta peeps out there!!…. Jen’s coming your way for a Girl’s World Book signing!!!

On June 3rd from 2-4 pm she’ll be hanging out at the lovely Intown quilters, a super quilting hotspot that carries fun, funky fabrics and other fun goodies! In addition to signing your book, Jen will send you home with a pack of fat quarters!! SO cool!! Click here for directions to the event.

A huge special thanks to store owner, Sarah Phillips for opening her doors and hosting this wonderful event! We’re also really looking forward to seeing our dear friend, Mary Abreau, who’s got a fabulous book, Little Girls Big Style! So many fun things to celebrate!!

To reserve your copy of Girl’s World, call Intown Quilters today! Jen can’t wait to put a special little message in each and every book! Intown Quilters is also carrying Honey Child… We LOVE them! pssst. our darling sister Meghan and niece Sophie will be joining us at the event… wooo hoo!!! That’s a reason alone to come visit! They’ll have you in stitches– those gals can make you laugh!

ALSO**** Those of you who can make it to the signing… we suggest you bring a business card… hint hint: there may or may not be some sort of raffle… for a book… or not.. but probably yes.. jus sayin… … for those of you who won’t be joinin us in Atlanta, we have something special coming up on the blog tomorrow!.. think giveaway… think 10 yards…

Have a fabulous Sunday! xo