Garland Tutorial

Get yourself a 1 1/2 inch hole punch cut out a million, trillion circles from every scrap you can find…hot glue two back to back with a long piece of ric rac in the middle and keep going for days by Christmas you will have a wonderful roping for the tree!!!!!  So get to it girlies!!!  And show me what you end up with..Can't wait to see!!! oh lordy don't hate me, just looked at your responses I meant paper scraps!!  I did this with paper..let us know if you find a quick way to do this with fabric!!!  Share with the rest of us!!


Cutest Tutorial ever!!!

Nancy Geaney is Jammin!!! New shop, new ideas, new raffle, new turorial!!  Whats next for this creative gal???…..So here's the deal go ever look at her Dark Horse Farm Blog  leave a comment and possibly win a fantastic quilt made of Sis Boom Fabrics.  Wonder if I'm eligible to play??????  I'd comment a thousand times and she knows it!!!!  Then after that, click on the OPEN SKY button to take a look at her shop. It's the coolest place on earth and lots of unique items can be found over there.  Don't forget to press the cool OPEN SKY icon button once you leave a comment to be entered into her raffle!!! Think of the endless wholecloth combinations from Sis Boom Fabrics you could win just be leaving a comment???  So go get a piece of the action!!  Make the cool placemat while your waiting to hear if you won!! Directions are on her blog.

Cool project...

As Promised

Thank You miss Carla!!!  That girl makes me laugh!  We were going to take a break and give her some well deserved R and R but she keeps e-mailing me more ideas and can't wait to get started!!   Believe me that girl Carla has a bunch on her plate and still keeps showing up for me!!!  Well girls and guys this is the latest and greatest from our venture!!  It's up and ready to download!! Make a matching one for the daughter on the previous post!!!  Don't forget the flickr site to see what everyone is making with Sis Boom patterns and fabrics!!!! 



Carla has once again outperformed herself giving us wonderful outfits to get pumped up over!! Carla not only gave us this wonderful bell sleeve pattern but look at those wonderful embroideries on this little ones Jeans!! All of these products are available on You can make this  right now and tell Kim I sent you,crazy about that girl! ok i am so Loving the horizontal pigtails on our little cover girl !!  This photographer  is new to our Sis Boom family and we can’t thank her enough for these sweet images. A big thank you!! As always see all of Carlas Patterns on etsy!   One more thing the embroideries are separate and available on SWAK embroidery so please take a peek!! And to our very talented group of testers Go, Fight, Win, or the cheer of your choice!!! Love you guys for upping our game and having fun and creating sweet things in the meantime. Don’t touch that dial!! Next week the adult version called Shana!!  Thank you Miss Carla!!


So St. Croix

Debuts in January!!