Come see me!!

Get your Happy Home and Girls World signed!! I have become so great at Loopy script and lots of X’s and O’s !!  I love signing your books it means the world to me!!!  So come see me in Columbus.  We’ll have lots of pillows, stationary, journals and gifts and of course you’ll see all my Earth Angel friends and the very wonderful Jen O’Conner! It will be a blast!!  I know so many of you now and would love to meet you in person. Don’t be shy!!  So jot this down September 14-16 with Country Living Fair!! I‘ll be looking for you!! Sept 14, 15th, 16th!!

Such a Cutie!!

Faith and glitter does it so well! Look at this sweet adorable tiny peasant on this sweet thang!!  I love when you post on facebook.  I love seeing what you are all about.  I also love to share your patterns and designs with my followers.  It excites and inspires so thanks for keeping my facebook filled with wonder!!! xo  Make sure to like these guys and purchase their lovely items!! Thanks my friends!! Fabric found here.

Selling out!!

So glad you approve of Super Fly!!!  We have a photoshoot today of all glorious Super Fly and Crazy Love just because you all can’t get enough.  Wassup witdat????  Thank you from the very bottom.  You all thrill me!! Don’t worry the likelihood of reorder is so good. Bravo for Chunky Zebra and big 70’s orbs!!!  xoxoxo

Kids these days!!

I’m telling you , the zebra is the tween go to!!!  They live for it.  Whether you like accents or full on zebras riding though your bedroom there is a color for that.  We are so smitten with every color and the chunkiness lives on forever in your home dec and apparel and quilts!!  We know that you will never be able to get enough.  Thanks Tim for capturing the heart of kids these days.  Check out that awesome hair on awesome Mia. Remember the Tallulah Halter inside Girls World!!


Would I kid you???

ok guys Here’s your not kidding.   20% off Quilt Home on Sis Boom Patterns and Fabrics. I say go Crazy Love on this offer. Bam!!!!!. The old with the new, mix them up and have a good time just remember who loves you. Use the coupon code below and get to know the Quilt Home Angels they will take such good care of you!!!! Enjoy your day my friends!!


Sis Boom Contributer

an official title for one of our most prolific designers.  I love what Melissa P. of 100 Billion Stars is doing these days. She’s creating new designs from Existing designs by fussy cutting and now adding a third dimension with buttons.  I am totally enamored of these beauties. They just have such style to them.  Melissa has amazing ideas and I like to share them with our readers.  All of you are so creative and we love to learn here at Sis Boom. Melissa as always we are enamored of your love of Sis Boom and your stylish ways.. You make our day!!!!


Love Story

Whenever Tim and Nancy get together to photograph our new fabric lines something magical occurs. Something extraordinary.  I love Tim’s photography and Nancy’s styling is a win win.  There is such an ethereal quality to the photographs and they always allude to story telling.  When we work together my life feels abundant and whole and with direction.  I never know what the result will be but it’s always tremendous and far exceed my wildest dreams.  So here is their niece Mia in the tranquility of the outdoors in her Mary Fancy sash dress from Girls World with their cat Ollie who is never far from the camera lens.  The fabric is Jane in blue and it’s found here!  Thank you Hawthorne Threads!!


Happy Land!!!!

Hey ya all!!! Look what we have new for fall!! It’s coming soon and here is your sneek peak!!!  Are you with me??? Does it make you happy like it does me????  I’m telling you the ideas are endless!!! I am so over the moon about this collection.  The big roses to the little diamond makes your quilts so expressive and your children’s clothing have endless possibilities!!  And of course the laminates are just what the doctor ordered.  We’ve waited a long time for this collection and it has really taken quite a bit to fine tune but we are listening, more reds, more flowers, more laminates, more fun!!!  Tell us what you think!  Happy Land is here to stay!!  Happy Land for your Happy Home projects.  Just sayin…

Like I was saying..

We are so grateful for all of the wonderful messages of love and support of all we do here at Sis Boom.  The blog tours for Girls World and Happy Home have been genius and we couldn’t ask for better peeps to host us.  Every day is a day to be grateful and to give thanks.  We are a humble lot and are always so excited when there is a Sis Boom Sighting anywhere in the world. We never take anything for granted.  So many fabrics to choose from , so many decisions to make, so we are always so amazed when we see our fabrics.  It never gets old.  So thank you to all of you.  So yesterday when Daily Candy followed us on twitter and wrote a post on Happy Home we were so giddy.  Daily Candy in my estimation is the best of the best and works at bringing the best to it’s audience.  So imagine the screams heard round the world.  Thanks again to everyone that helps us get the word out.  We are little but we got big dreams and because of all of you they are coming true.  Have a wonderful wonderful day!

Daily Candy highlights party poufs!!

Happy Home Crochet Pillowcases

Jenny from the Sis Boom Block has put together a tutorial for the pillowcases done with simple trims!!  Jenny these are fabulous!!  Jenny is a Sis Boom Cheerleader ever hosting all of our links with her positive greetings to all the new comers. Many of you have come through the doors of Sew Pretty Dresses and we are so grateful to Jenny for her effervescent smiles and welcomes.  You can just feel the warmth.  So check out the art, how fabulous is that??? Seriously!!!  We adore you Miss Jenny for keeping the neighborhood (our community) smitten with Sis Boom.