Go, Baby, Go!

Heyyy all! Ok so not to make you super jealous or anything, but I got to spend the entire morning with my most awesome, special friend Kate Spain! (ok so you can be a little bit jealous 😉 )

Not only did we chat and laugh a lot, but we got to craft together!! You see, the fabulous Accuquilt gifted me with this wonderful machine called the Go! Baby.  This sweet little tool comes with several die cuts and helps you create fabric shapes in the blink of an eye!… seriously!

It’s an awesome tool for any crafter, sewer, quilter or scrap-booker (and more!). It doesn’t stop there– My girlfriend Kate tought me about heat bond for Appliques. I used the heat bond on the back of my shapes and I am ready to go! I am SO hooked and haven’t stopped all day! My dies included hearts, puppies and circles. (And ps guess what!– the circles would be great for making yo-yos!)

There’s More!!!!

So here’s the deal. I’ll be working on a special project featuring the Go, baby. When that project is complete, I’ll post it here on the blog and simultaneously host a raffle!!! One winner will win… are you ready for this… a GO BABY MACHINE! Yeah! You read it right!

Keep coming back, the project will be up within the next few weeks!

…And The Winner is…

Whoop Whoop! Happy Friday! We’re here to announce the winner of our raffle… Sarah from Sew Sweetness, you’re our gal! Thanks everyone for being so awesome and for the Sis Boom love and support! You are all our favorites. Have an awesome day!

West Indies Birds

Who doesn’t love a bird???  I think the trend may have peaked but some of us will always want them so I did this for you!!!!  I love them for applique and fussy cutting and just about everything else!! If you haven’t seen Portlandia Clip see it now..Hysterical.  Michelle Renee loves Sis Boom and that makes us giddy because we love and appreciate what she comes up with..and now you will too.


I tell you Freespirits Laminates are rocking the sewing world.  The best thing to happen to them is Kelly McCants with her book Sewing with Oil Cloth!! I met up with her at the Country Living Fair and her booth was always packed as she cut laminate and oil coth for just about everyone who entered the fair!!  Kelly has written the best book ever and included some of our very own laminate. I can’t wait to purchase at the Atlanta Country Living Fair where once again we will both be working our booths. Come say hello!!  Take a look at her book below and see some of our very own laminates made into children’s raincoats!! Thank you Kelly for your sweet spirit and wonderful addition to the book world.

OMG Girls World Vibe!!!

So here’s the deal!!!  Girls World Vibe is so dynamite with Honey Child and West Indies that you are going to freak!!!!  I love all of your photos and love how you mix it all up and no one knows better than Judy Buchannon of Hickity Pickity to stock up on your faves cause they disappear quickly!!  Think of Girls World Vibe as your anchor fabrics and they will be perfect for whatever you do!!!!  Check out Judy with her West Indies and Honey Child Combo!!!!
See Girls World Vibe in the Fabric Gallery of our site!

Anchor Fabrics are the common Denominator of everything Sis Boom we also tried to get Casey Scroll addicts to take a look at our new designs and we think you’ll be happy…We are crazy about all of you!!  So Take a look at Girls World Vibe and create some of the beauties in Girls World Like those big pillows on the back of the book you’ve been wanting to make! Thanks Judy for sharing your amazing talents and imagination we love you for the wonderful soul you are!!  Oops almost forgot to mention

Georgia Handy photography!

Hop Skip Jump!!

Look at this sweetness from one of our biggest fans Marnie Peck!!  Marnie thanks for sending me this!!  She also says this is a Pink Chalk Fabric pattern which is totally adorable..We Heart Pink Chalk!!!! Also an unbelievable sale going on right now!!  Make the Maddie dress!! All these fabrics are adorable in the Maddie!!  So really hoard cause that is a really great price..oh and always do what your told ..ok???

Take Advantage!!!!!

Melissa P. mentioned below has a million ideas for this bundle so check her blog!!!!  Raffle ends this Thursday at midnight so we can announce winner friday.. leave a comment or even a grunt..we love love love hearing from you..?Thanks Westminster for doing precuts the folks love it but are just getting to know that you offer them with some of our lines so be sure to check guys and gals!!!  Have a great weekend..

How does she do it???

Our very own Melissa , what would we do without you????  Your wonderful tutorials keep us begging for more.. I have to say this is just the sweetest pillow ever made and I am loving it so very much. She does everything so effortlessly and with such passion for color.  I am one lucky girl that I happen to have fabrics that call to her!!  I just thought i’d throw this up before retiring and say out loud how much we apppreciate the goodness of our Melissa P. from a hundred billion stars..made from scraps and love of the craft is her sweet pillow.  Jane Sassamans is equally dynamic with a shock of black!!We never ever tire of her wonders that she creates and love sharing them with all of you. xoxoxox Jen

Girl’s World for the Speical Girl in Your World!

Not to toot our own horn.. (errrrr.. that’s exactly what we are about to do)… but, we are getting the most rave reviews on Girl’s World and had to take a moment to share it with all of you.

Between folks praising the simplicity and awesomeness of the patterns (big thanks to our dear Dolin of Lulu Bliss), and the oooh’s and aaah’s over the absolutely stunning photography by Tim Geaney, (not to mention the rest of our fabulous & talented team), we are just so, so proud of this amazing Chronicle Books publication.

This brings us to our next note, which is the idea of Girl’s World as a holiday gift. We just think that it is such a special collaboration of photographs, projects, patterns, and a true labor of love, that will add creativity, happiness, joy, and and truly imaginative, whimsical experience into any little girl’s life!

So, with that being said, maybe you want to let Santa know… or maybe you want to spoil yourself and pick up a copy just for fun. Order yours at Amazon today!

Either way, we know you won’t be disappointed 🙂

Minding my own bees wax

ok so I’m sitting here after  George of customer service woke me up from my nap with loud barking.  I love how he lets me investigate to see if a prowler has come in while he waits upstairs until I give him the everything’s clear sign..  Poor George I’m afraid in his mature years is spooked by anything that resembles a shadow or sounds like a pin dropping..anywho I get on etsy and I find that Monique has been busy with the West Indies Collection making baby bumpers for cribs.  Her color sensibility blows me away.  One thing that I love about her when you use Sis Boom Fabrics across lines it all works!!!!  She really fascinates me!! I wish her all the continued success in the world..see how she does it.  oh and it’s all for sale..  Get the bumpers made before the baby arrives ,!!! Thanks Monique for sharing your color sensibility with us once again!!