An American Classic weaving it’s way through England

Over the past year I've had the good fortune of meeting Slideshow6Slideshow2
  Rebekah Merkle founder of Amoretti
. I love her approach to design. She explains it best when she describes her clothes as practical meets beauty. I love that she chose BellBottoms to create these amazing skirts as well as the simple stripe in our line that finds the spotlight in her layers of ruffles. Definitely not fussy and every young girl will want this classic design. Rebekah your clothes are delightful and so expressive it's the skirt a grown up girl remembers of her childhood. Casey Scroll in red also gives her simple dress Slideshow5
silouette a bold statement and I love how she's outlined her dress with a classic white.
The best news is the online store in England is open and ready to go. So be the first to have an american classic shipped right to your door.


My Christmas Present To Me

I am committed to working through the discomfort of learning Photoshop.  It is difficult but so rewarding. Take a looky.Pretty-stuffDone

Labor of Love

Look what my new best friend made!!!! Marsha Dicostanzo from Cute Stuff Inside makes these sweet gems and she'll do whatever color you like!!  I'm not sure I'd have the patience but she sure does.  Knitting and beading  all at once but the outcome is so precious.  She made one for me with the Eiffel Tower charm so how sweet is that.  Thanks Marsha!SkyBluePurse-2

Back to his old tricks!!

Well folks we are hoping that all is well with George the customer service dog, for awhile we checked each poop but he snuck out a few times so I guess it's all good…..He brought his oversized dirty ball in for play so he must be feeling better.  Thanks for all the wonderful comments.. I swear fabric and kindness to animals must both be right brained!!!  As for me, some New Years Tiaras and a top for the manny!!!

We'll catch up before the New Year never worry! I've got a sneak preview to show you!!


Customer Service

Please say prayers for our customer service rep George!!  Not feeling well and is spending a few nights at the hospital until the accompanying doo dad passes through and comes out the other end.  He's not allowed in the craft room when ornaments are flying!!  The doctor wondered why he had glitter in his stool!!  Mercy Me!  He got so sick today I rushed him to the vet and they suggest he be watched since his temp was going up!!  They thought he swallowed a paper clip but when I saw the film I knew exactly what it was!  The thingamajig that goes into the ornament…Yowser!  Now it has to pass through all of his intestines!!  He is a sad pup today

but don't worry customer service will be up and running soon !!  Poor guy imagine a huge dog hiding behind his owner hoping that they would forget about him.  Love this guy…DSC_0008DSC_0184Images

Christmas Trees

How cool are these!!  Great for your Christmas and Holiday card Presentation!  My friend Marnie makes it look so easy!!!  She's also working on a few surprise projects for The Lifestyle Quilt Market in Pittsburgh this May!!  She has quite a bit up her sleeve and longer arms then most…I adore her whimsy.   Her frames are so clever and the fabrics she combines makes them so intriguing..Take a look.Thanks for making the show a big success Marnie!!DSC_0243Il_75x75.43313635

Sis Boom thanks all of you!

These are hard times and no retailer is immune to the pain this country's economy is in.  I just want to give you a big hug and thank you for spending time with us this past week and carefully spending those hard earned dollars.   As you will see in the next couple of days we have decided to have a sale on our apparel and quilts to keep Sis Boom thriving and ultimately keep this

cottage industry going.  It's amazing how everything is impacted!  I know I'm not alone and I am grateful that folks feel comfortable with or without a job to keep Sis Boom as part of their Holiday Tradition.  I am touched by your warmth and love of the handcrafted.  So if you are in the area stop in this friday and have coffee and cookies with us and get your Holiday inspiration on. Also if you quilt come see the new fabrics first hand!!  DSC_0016DSC_0024DSC_0161DSC_0166