Mother’s Day Workshop in Fairfield, CT

Are you local? In the Fairfield CT area?? We hope you are because we are hosting a Mother’s Day Workshop at the Fairfield University Bookstore on May 5th from 1-4 PM. $20 per person. (read more details below invitation)

Want more details? We know you do!…. Jennifer will guide you in styling and dressing up the most fabulous paper doll you’ve ever laid those eyes on. We will provide the materials… all you have to do is purchase a ticket, show up, and be prepared to have a BLAST!!

To purchase your ticket visit our SHOP where you will see “Sis Boom Paper Doll Workshop”. Please Note: Only purchase a ticket if you are able to join us for the class- this is not a kit that will be mailed to you.

Do you have an hour and 1/2

Cause if you do pull out your Girls World and make the Josie.  I’m sorry but I could not resist this little one with her golden tresses and golden dress!! It’s so magical!!!  What I love is that Girls World is just one of those books that comes along that can be on your shelf for 100 years.  We love trendy clothing and we love ruffles and lace but why not begin here and add to it all those fun things.  I learned early on that simple is the way to go, those that want to adorn have that option.  Nothing in this book will go out of style.  I am such a huge advocate of this awesome book and if you read all the credits and contributions you’ll know I don’t do anything alone!!! These folks get the kudos tooo!!! I rely on my posse!!!

So I was so grateful when Suzannah from Adventures in Dressmaking reached out and offered to do a review!!!!  I had no idea she had this little pumpkin in mind !!  Look at how she changed it up a tiny bit.  A great contrasting sash and the tiniest detail of a blue zipper.  So inspirational. Suzannah made this in an hour and 1/2 !! I’m even feeling patch pockets would be a nice addition to the Josie !!!  Live it up!!

Thanks for the great review and doing it all so well!!! Bookmark this one folks!!

Favorite Project Award in Girls World

Judging from all your emails this is one of your favorite projects, and I love it too..Everything goes better with Pom Poms!!!!! I love how this can be used  for any project even leaving them blank would be so darn pretty!!  How about a green one with just red letters that say Merry Christmas or a blue one with white felt letters for Hanakuh!  The choice is yours and of course Happy Easter is the obvious choice for right now.  Grab your Girls World and get going.  We are so glad you stopped by!! Show us what you made in our flickr group!! Once in Flickr look for Sis Boom Sightings.

That’s it! I’ve had it!!

If amazon can ship Happy Home than so can I!!! Signed copies shipping as of today!!!!  I wonder if I could outsell Amazon!!??  A girl can certainly try!!!  You are all the best! Don’t forget we rely on your reviews and likes over at Amazon and you don’t have to purchase there to leave a comment..! They help us so much.  Come get them!!! Also Girls World will be back in stock over at Amazon in April!!!

Be Inspired

Don’t you just love these cording and charms for all those wonderful Devon’s you are creating???? Charms and what not from Etsy and cording hand made with jewelry clasp..Let’s see yours???  Get your craft on!!!!!!

Goings on!!!!!

Thought I’d drop in and give you a little bit of what’s going on around cybertown.  Art and Soul boutique sent me the sweetest eblast and I recognized our fabrics right away.  That Carla dot named for the very special Scientific seamstress is one of my all time faves!!! And of course Tanya named for my favorite fabric designer Tanya Whelan!! of Grand Revival Design!! Incidentally her book ‘Sew What you Love’ is on Amazon!!!! Anyway Art and Soul has brought us the tiniest clothes the world has ever seen so go check her out!!! so in love with their work!!

And then there’s Allegro Fabrics who do an incredible job creating patterns , have just added some Crazy Love to their stock..They are good folks to know!!!

Hippie Chic we love!!

This little girl is so precious.  Stella is her name and we are always so delighted when she wears Judy’s dresses cause they let little girls be little girls.  The comfort factor of this dress is so apparent!! Judy is selling out of this combo so if you like it let her know!!! Seems to be the most popular it certainly caught my eye!!!  So Stella thanks for modeling and Forty Toes for always bringing it!!!  Judy’s prices are amazing!!!


My mom’s made up word for everything she loves!!!!  So I’m borrowing it to let you know Sew Mama Sew is having a big sale on Girls World Vibe!!!!! We call it that because we wanted to bring back Casey Scroll in a fresh new way!!!  Tangerine is the hottest color around.  Look how beautifully Debra (photo Tim Geaney) wears The Devon in tangerine!!  Try also making a Pareo wrap  Like Judy Buchannan of Hickity Pickity did with amazing pom poms, perfect for all the warm weather we are going to have this summer or order one from her yourself..Thanks Judy..xoxox

Ella’s 7th birthday!!

Oh it’s a big one for Miss Ella!! She’s 7 today!!! And Mama went all out in Sis Boom style!!!!! Any day can be a special day with a big ol frame some modpodge and Sis Boom fabric!!! We just love our Jennifer , always smiling and she put on a fabulous birthday for Ella !!  She’s a crafty girl for sure..Her etsy shop SouthernBabies Boutique is in full swing!! Check it out here.

We love you miss Ella and your Sissy too!!! Give Ella a birthday shout out friends!!!

The overthetop Tote!!!

Look at these beautiful combos!!!  Tabbo Designs likes to mix it all up and doesn’t apologize it’s her hallmark!!!  She’s my kind of gal. She holds on to our older lines and infuses the new lines. Here at Sis Boom lines never go out of style! Let these fabrics be your signature!! So thanks Stephanie for always running out of your product, reversible headbands fly out the door!!  Check out her etsy shop and keep checking back things go quickly!!!! Stephanie when you are hot you are hot..check out this profile piece I just love and now I know where Tabbo came from!!

Thanks Stephanie for being you!!! xo