Showtime is coming up!

Here we go again, The show to end all shows is coming up..We will be doing a little of everything for the Holidays…Come and bring friends, coffee and treats will be served, Feel free to come look and get to know what Sis Boom is all about..We love getting to know new people…Come show us your quilts made with girlfriends fabrics or something handmade inspired by us. We look forward to seeing you..JenniferPicadillyinvite_2

Try Crepe!

Lovely ladies don’t you think??? I’mm going to dress mine up! I’ll show you when I’m done…show me some of your great ideas I’d love to see!L

Okay much toooo early but I am so endeared to these graphics they tug at my heartstrings. Do others have the same emotional reaction to these 50’s chickadees!Jiamiandmarie

Ideas for new designs!

You like? I’m keeping busy with photoshop got a great guy in CT if anyone ever needs help!!! I’d like to see some paperplates made like this…I would buy them..1plateoption

10 x 10 Dilemma

So Here we go..we are off for Chicago next week to the Botanic Garden Show with Country Living and I’ll be taking lots of photos of all the wonderful people I haven’t even met yet! Until then I have to figure out where too put all the items in a ten by ten space! Move over Susan!!! Check me out!Cimg3458_2


Look at all the goodies..come have a ball with us..a patchwork ball I should say!!Cimg3459



Not because it’s almost Halloween but because two fantastic monologues have been deleted due to my inept
ability to catch on to typepad…forgive me! So here we have it a salute to the hubby who makes my life complete!!Cimg3451_3