Banner Inside Happy Home

Make this banner, celebrate the moment, make it a Happy Day!!  Inside Happy Home you will find what you need to create.. Festooning can be found here!!  Photo Tim Geaney!! xoxo

Messages from the Heart

I love word pillows , I love expressions, I love the Happy Birthday Pillows you create inspired from our book Happy Home.  Look at all the fun Judy Buchanon is having and look at our one of a kind pillows on ticking.  Get in touch with Judy to purchase she sells so many incredible items made from Sis Boom fabrics.  We love whatever she creates!! What are you waiting for Happy Home is in stock here!!  oh leave feedback whenever possible we really appreciate it !!!


Inside Happy Home

Get a peak!  The dress is actually our very own Lucy!  If I were you I’d create the Lucy in every Sis Boom fabric you own!!

Live in it !!  Fabric here!  Photo by Tim Geaney.



Create Beautiful Drapery

Blog Tour for Happy Home coming soon!!!!  We are so excited you dropped in and can’t wait to celebrate the formal launch of Happy Home.. which starts in the heart..xoxoxox

Photo by Tim Geaney

A sweet clutch!

Looky girls and it’s for sale!!   Hold everything has created such a pretty and it’s up on ETSY waiting for you. Love the two tone fabrics she chose. Try  Etsy for both of these Fabrics.  Search Supplies and then Jennifer Paganelli like a charm.  Thanks Suzzanna McKeon for such wonderful purses!!



Craft with Burlap

So get some burlap hearts together and some wonderful felt flower forms from Etsy and sew them to the heart with sequins and beads and check out the lovelies you can create.. I love crafting with Burlap the perfect canvas for the back drop of color.  You saw them on Fox now you can create them and do them yourselves.  Enjoy my friends and always remember someone in Ct. loves ya! xoxoxo

Wide Brimmed for Summer Days

Get to Hickity Pickity and order your choice but to love..exquisite…Thanks Judy Buchannan!  You do it so well and that pin is priceless.

Another Beauty

Just a short post today..running..Rachael Daisy does it again with Girls World Vibe.  Thanks to Blue Mountain Daisy for posting this amazing quilt.

Write Me!!

Coolest Stationary on the block and includes shipping….Just sayin!!!  Each individual note card is one of your favorite fabrics by your favorite designer (that’s me) !!!! Suitable for framing…says me!!!!  They are in our shop and considered more precious than gold..go figure!!  Big winks to all our friends looking forward to a great week ahead.





When my sister Shana was little she used to say book-a-poc for pocketbook and neckalis for necklace but it was the way  that she needed those things and she needed them now.  That’s what little girls are made of.   So when I see a picture like the one below it really gets me giggling because my own daughter had her purse and very important things inside.  My Stop and Shop receipts, plastic cell phone and bubblegum and a jar of bubbles.  Cause you never know you might need them.  It is one of the remarkable moments in a mother’s life when she sees her child own it!  It’s fascinating to watch  and when they pull out the phone to answer a call in the car well that just makes us love being a parent and watching the amazing unfolding of childhood to adulthood.  So when I see a child with her purse I can’t resist I want to know what’s inside and how she sees the world, what she needs to be like mommy and how matter of fact they speak when you want to know the contents of their book-a-poc.  So this was on my facebook and I had to share. Note the heels.

Thanks to Sweeter than Cupcakes for the pretty frock made with our very own Poodle Fabrics Purchase them here..Quilt Home