Another Issue!!..and a raffle!

Another Issue of Mollie Makes.. What did you think I would list my issues???  Not enough room!!!  Anywho Mollie Makes( they do it so well and have so many beautiful crafts) Issue 12 which you must score has a nice little space for my latest book Happy Home which launches officially today.  In honor of that I would like to send one lucky winner a copy of my book signed with big doodle hearts and lots of x’s and o’s  .  If you want to enter just leave a comment and the book winner will be announced Sunday at noon.  If you’d like to purchase one for Mother’s day.  They have them on Amazon and in Barnes and Noble.  Thank you to both online favorite book destinations for keeping them in stock.  Here’s a fun out take and the Mollie Makes issue 12 and Happy Home.


This coming Saturday

Please join me at  The Farifield University book store on May 5th from 1-4  this Saturday for a fun time with paperdolls.  Open to everyone I want to show you how a project in Girls World gets done!!    It’s that wonderful overnight bag with the paperdoll image but for the workshop we are just going to have a good time creating on paper and enjoying each others company.   You will have so much fun.  Just hit on the invitation in the shop and just order the class and you will be good to go.  So don’t be late it’s 1499 The Post Road in Fairfield, CT  feel free to call and save a spot.  203-355-7758 or purchase in our shop!  I’ll have other goodies to to show you that will also excite you!!  So let’s do this. $20.00 per person feel free to bring friends..Are you in???

Paper Doll Workshop

Quilting LUXE

Rachael Daisy of Blue Mountain Daisy completed her amazing quilt.  Just look at the scale!!  See that tiny arm up at the top?? Hellllllllooooooo???  It is one spectacular piece , the color, the workmanship, the design, it’s all working for her.  We love to see your quilts made with Sis Boom fabric.  Little secret.  I love getting to know my peeps.   It takes so little to get you to giggle and be delighted that it really is an amazing love fest. DEFINITELY MUTUAL.  So here you go. Grab your pile of West Indies Fat quarters and be inspired.  Sew Love Fabrics on ETSY has got your back!!  Thanks for the complete reveal Rachael!  Bird Toile here!!


Stitch Craft Create!!!!

Look at this , an amazing new craft magazine from Martha Pullen!!  Shannon Miller on twitter is the new editor..(Tell her you adore her)  this is the most exciting magazine !!!  Shannon what a visionary, we couldn’t be happier with this beautiful magazine. Stitch Craft Create!!  That about sums it up.  Sumptuous pages of items that will inspire and you will want to create!!  Martha Pullen you make living fun!!!! 

Stitch Craft Create

Sis Boom layout


The Rebecca

Photographed by Tim Geaney , we captured a very sophisticated moment with the Rebecca, Yes the handmade goes to parties, is well mannered and just the way you like it.  Looks great in Sis Boom Fabrics.  Just sayin, the choice is yours. Love ya!!  Rebecca Pattern found here.  Fabric found here.   Thank you!!

The Rebecca photographed by Tim Geaney


Little Miss Mingle

This is some very exciting news.  Sometime back a few months ago a group called Miss Mingle started sewing up projects and it was with a bit of a challenge in mind.  The outfit that everyone created in the group had to be made with a certain Sis Boom fabric.  It was so exciting to see the creations roll out and It was amazing what ensued.  As the individual designers debuted their finished product they took orders and they took orders and did I say they took orders.  I was copied on all of the correspondence because I had shared some of them on my own facebook and I can tell you I’ve never seen so many orders in my life.  Intrigued to say the least.  So this time around they are creating everything from Crazy Love and we are all gathering around to see the sneek peeks..6 more days, I cannot take it.  So they have a fresh new FB page and are almost ready for some peeks.  Please like them and stay tuned to what these guys create.  I seriously love these girls and their enthusiasm it’s infectious.  Please let me know what else Sis Boom can do to make this a successful launch.  Thanks so much for using our fabrics to create your goodies..

Large Euros

Inside Mollie Makes. You must get this issue it may be a back order now but it tells you how to make these large ruffled pillows in Happy Home!!!!  It’s issue 11 and you can order!!!   Thanks Mollie Makes for giving another project to our Happy Home fans!!  Bookmark this folks!!!

  • Mollie Makes How to


Pretty Pillows

Be part of the movement….

Girls World is now international and folks are using it to teach young girls how to sew and sewing clubs and workshops are popping up all over to teach the projects in Girls World.  The wonderful thing is with these simple designs it is meant for you to add your signature.  A ruffle here a flutter  sleeve there.  It’s up to you!!  My momma taught me that we don’t have to wear labels and that are own name is enough.  I like that.. So enjoy the process.  There are plenty of examples in flickr and on facebook of women creating businesses with the inspiration from Girls World.  So join us and share the love of beautiful things. They are back in stock on Amazon.  I love the tulle apron with glitter ribbon and the Mary Fancy Sash dress in green totally ready for Spring.

Sophie My Neice

Quilty Goodness

Marsha Moore made this and I just wanted to show it to you up in the studio!!!  Also you can see the lovely patchy pillow from Monique and Crazy Love Pillows.  The Happy Birthday pillow directions are in Happy Home !!!  We showed that all over the Country with Country Living Fairs and folks loved it.  Loved getting their picture taken with it!!!  Free instructions!! 

Ticking with Love Letters


A little sprout!!

So gosh darn delicious. I love to see the little ones with the large patterns!!  Melanie O’Brien from A Sewing Journal is the loveliest. We met on twitter and also the quilt market I believe.  I love what she creates and she shares it all on her blog.  This is an amazing little pillowcase dress but it’s the back that is really so sweet a big bow so this little sprout looks like a present.  Thanks so much Melanie for showing me this.  I love the fabrics you chose and love the bow!!  Hugs for the little one.  Melanie shares with you how she makes it here.  Thanks for sharing the ease of how this goes together.