The Tipping Point

Great book but an even better quilt.  The Tipping point Quilting kit by Roxanne of Quilters Alley in Ridgefield, CT. is available in her shop!!!! This is such an imaginative way to use Pretty Please. We will also have it available at our June show!!!  So give it a try and let us see the finished product!!!  Thanks for sending this in Roxanne we so appreciate it!!! It is so incredible!!!!  We love you guys!!
Tipping Point --Pretty Please

Drum Roll Please

Erika Rodriguez and Cheryl Pinkman have won the Raven Hill Fabric Dolls and thank you everyone for playing along in our raffle. I think we all agree on Emily Moss's talent!!!  Some other things I want you to be aware of are the number of quilts that Nancy Geaney of Go Make Your Bed has created of late…Top two photos…and
also my friend Jamie Harned who makes our baby quilts and has her own Etsy shop…don't get me started…called Sweet Baby Jamie!!  This girl doesn't sleep, she got a long arm quilter that hasn't stopped since she purchased it over a month ago and that I like to think was christened with Sis Boom fabric…All of these ladies make my world a better place because we are all winners everyday we get to wake up to gorgeous fabric….Am i right???  The design world just keeps getting better and I'm grateful to be one of many talented folks. You guys are the best and please come back next week for another fun contest ok?? Oh and if you see George, head of our customer service department could you tell him Monday is a workday???
DSC_0006_16 DSC_0053_7 



Thank You Josie!

This was a tough challange for us!  A wonderful woman and her beautiful daughter asked to come by and talk to me about a graduation dress.  I'm always up for the challenge but teenage girls have their likes and dislikes and I wanted to be certain we could deliver.  So I took notes for my seamstress, smiled the whole time , but I was a bit nervous.  She and her mom had looked everywhere and I didn't want them waiting for two weeks and then not be sure so I told them to keep looking while we worked on it because unfortunately custom anything can be dissapointing if  interpretations don't match up.  First round I wasn't sure how it would hang and so added a ruffle at the bottom for extra weight.  Josie a girl with a fashion sense of her own , did not like the ruffle but everything else was perfect.  I was so glad she could speak her mind and ask for what she wanted…So a week later the ruffle nowhere in sight , Josie was giddy with the results of her creation and so was her mom!  So here you have the results of this fine, perfectly tailored dress, we named "The Josie Dress".   It is totally her design and we couldn't be happier with the results.  So thank you Josie!!

Just want to hug um up!!

I tell you we are back logged with things to do for market but I had to show you a fun designer in Norway, yup that's right, we are international tiny superstars!!  Emily Moss creates these one of a kind dolls with the most precious of details.  I sent her some fatquarters and she sent back these two pretties which I wanted to keep both but she explained one was to raffle.  So Reluctantly we are giving away one sweet  Raven Hill doll ,possibly two if you beg long enough and are super over the top sweet and tell me how much the world would be lost without Sis Boom or something like that.. So leave a comment and enter to win! Drawing to be held this Coming wed, April 21st at 5pm.  The two I have have the paisley bottom.  If you don't win Emily will most likely sell you one!!!  She's a doll herself by the way ! Another quick thing, Please check the blog often and support our sellers on the righthand side of our blog cause we love em!! If you sell our fabrics and would like to be added please request!!  And as always our Sis Boom Sightings flickr group wants you to add your lovelies!!!  Go take a look it is filling up with your Flower Power Eye Candy!!  One more thing Paisley is a great baby name!!  Someone out there wants a baby blanket made with our Libby Paisley cause her sister just had a girl named Paisley!!!  I love it !!!  love the anecdotes that's what makes this business fun!!

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Fantasize !!

Go ahead think of a quilt, any quilt, and Nancy DeWeir Geaney will put it together!!  I love wholecloth for the girls going off to college and she'll whip it together in no time!  Her prices are extremely fair!  All you need to do is choose your fabrics or send them to her…she'll do the rest.
We are even going to offer this on our website and look at the nifty bag that comes with it?  Just in time for the college bound.  Please look longingly and tell us what you like in these pics we appreciate the feedback so much.  Also check out that fun headboard, simple to do and a great statement!  Always stop in for ideas we are loaded!!!
So come jump in and stay awhile have a Jenny Heid cupcake for your wall decor.  Believe me we are so happy you stopped!

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Shout out to Good Peeps

I have some folks I'd like you to meet.  First up is Linda Edson from Allegro Fabrics she is an online seller for Sis Boom Fabrics and extremely talented in the children's clothing line department!!!  Definitely swing by her beautiful site I believe she even is getting some Pretty Please in.  Please check out these adorable designs from her Lily and Ebony collection! Breathtaking.Thanks for sending them Linda.10

Next up is a devoted friend and fellow blogger the very talented Ellen Crimi-Trent who is debuting her new fabric line very soon and just opened an etsy shop with her incredible drawings of which I am fortunate to have a sweet owl, for the wise woman in me!!  I love the new shop!  Take a lookie I can't help but feel like I did as a child reading Dr. Seuss…."Are you my Mother" Is the first thing that comes to mind……..Brilliant Ellen, thanks for the whimsy!

Sis Boom making way for new fabrics!!

Fortunately not out with the old!!  Everything is all intended to work together!  You guys are gonna love the sneak peaks while we turn the house over hopefully for some editorial excitement.  So please ooh and ahhh and ask questions!  I love to help you find what you need especially if its discontinued…that's my specialty!!!  Thanks for all the blog love….after Sew Mama Sews raffle we'll start our very own!!  So please check them out and enter the raffle..lots of winners over there. Oh and look who stopped into say hello Matt's pretty girlfriend Erica in a sweet Sis Boom Frock!!
Be forwarned your gonna want it all!


Sew Mama Sew

I'll tell you when a designer comes out with a new collection we love to see all the places it shows up and the fuss you all make about it makes us so happy because truth is, we design to please.
We love to design and I'll always throw extra pink in cause I've learned you can't live without it and neither can I!!!  Believe it or not we've been known to sweat it out a bit to see who picks up the line.  Not every line is going to be picked up by all the stores (mortar and brick or online) all of the time.  But there is something about that clothesline at Sew Mama Sew that makes me feel as though I've arrived.  Kristen Link has been a huge supporter and I've been so grateful to her for all she's done. This in no way diminishes the way I feel about all of you who have embraced Sis Boom fabrics and throughout the years have unwrapped, unpacked, stored, cut, and sent out every single yard. I am so grateful to everyone in this community.   For those of you who follow us here at Sis Boom it's about rich ,saturated color and right now we clamor for it!! So take a peek at Sew Mama Sews blog April 2nd for some fun giveaways.  Tell them I sent you!!