I love this!!!

Look at how Ruth Al-Mushadani does this So St. Croix Quilt. Taking out the brown and black she has created a whole new vision.  I love this!  Like pools of watercolors coming together. This quilt just speaks of islandy beauty.  Thanks Ruth OF TWO HIP HIPPOS for giving us another perspective that's fresh and colorful.  We adore this…xoxoxoxo Jennifer



Chelsea Love

Seriously I have been blessed with the most incredible assistants, The most amazing and beloved assistants over the course of beginning this Sis Boom World.  They are my girls , they each have inspired me. I carry a piece of each girl.   To Stacey, Kate, Jackie, Chelsea, Laura, Dana, and now sweet Madeline who you all know and has now started helping me blog. All these girls with their big hearts and creative spirits have given me so much. They are family.  Please always keep us posted and know that you are  always welcome here. I'll leave the light on. xoxoxoxo

Below is miss Chelsea on a recent visit.  We did a mini make over ….Is she so stylin???



We are live with our New Tommy (named for our favorite guy Thomas Jordan who all of you know cause he's the only male tester in our bunch of testers….and we love his work!!  Once loving to do clothes for his wife and daughter now he is exploring the world of quilts and having some super fun!!!!!!!  Thanks Tom for all your sweet comments and hanging with us girls.  The children's boxer is named for our favorite little boy Louey (Carla's Son) !!!!! Yes that's his littleness right there.  Big Boy to him of course.  Yes get over to You Can Make This ,they'll be posting soon and get your unisex boxers on today. In the meantime try Sew Mama Sew,   Above All Fabric,  Fairytale Frocks and Lollipops, and your very own Carla Crim.  How cool is that…….go girls and boys get those machines a pumpin!!!!

Tommy Boxer Short Pattern Cover
Louey Boxer Short Pattern Cover

The Mod Squad Cap

Designed by Simone Howell , one of our favorite gals in this wonderful Lifestyle World.  Get to know her.  Always surprising us with the greatest of designs and not afraid to mix it up and somehow it becomes her uniqueness that shines through.  I had the pleasure of meeting her and have enjoyed her enthusiasm and talents abundantly!!  Simone thanks for this treasure and we'll be following closely until it becomes a pattern.  Blessings my sweet…

Butterfly hat2

Look what I found!!!!

Randi Hayden brings us the cutest skirt via Make it Perfects's Versatile Skirt Pattern. Go visit her blog to get another glimpse..and PS she sells Poodle and the Pattern in her etsy shop!!!

Randi we love that you put this up in our Sis Boom Sightings cause it is fab and I know others will want to make one…You my friend are a jewel to let us share this with our readers. xoxoxo


New Sis Boom Pattern! The TOMMY boxer short!

So we realize that on a hot, sticky, Summer day you may want to wear beautiful Sis Boom without having to slip into a dress or cuddle into a quilt. With that being said, we thought up a design for you to wear all summer long… the Sis Boom Tommy boxer short! And to make it even more exciting, the silhouette has been fashioned into a simple design pattern by Carla Crim.

Thank you to our lovely Caroline, of Make and Mingle, who was so kind to lend her sweet charm and good looks to the pattern cover, and to Tim Geaney for, as always, capturing special Sis Boom moments like this one here.

The pattern will be available for all of you to enjoy by the beginning of next week. psst, there will also be a childs' version of the boxer short called the Louey! How fun!

p.s. for self expression applique, Carla will include directions for lettering the backside of the shorts!

Tommy Boxer Short Pattern

Everyone loves her!!

It's our girl Jona (I pronounce Joenah) Giammalva , I hope that's right.  She is squeezable.  Always there to give great customer service and to help all the future fashionistas (?) with a style update.  We all love staring at her blog and seeing what great things she's put together.   This skirt will blow your mind!  Too fun for words with its sweet ruffled bottom.  She wears it so well.  A super shop girl that will help you coordinate fabrics and make your shopping for fabric a fun venture.  This girl treats folks the way she'd like to be treated with incredible kindness.  Her Poodle should be arriving momentarily but she's sporting So St. Croix so get your yardage asap before it's all gone.



The quilt is exceptional done by my friend Marsha Moore.. Love that girl!!! Remember there will be a free download at  Freespirit !!

Quilt Market 008
Quilt Market 009

Poodle makes it’s debut

Our friend Ruth At Sew Love Fabrics ripped open her yardage and started sewing away.  She's even got some extra to sell to all you folks over at her etsy shop. She says I was right about  Poodle and these colors and designs do play well with others!!  Look at the mix of Sis Boom fabrics in this sweet skirt……you gotta love that leash!!!! Thanks Ruth for your fun mix of patterns and hopefully the first in a long line of show off's.  We love you guys. Show us the goods.


Poodle logo 4

Once in a lifetime

Do we get to help in such an extraordinary way.  Quilt Haiti has been an honor and a privilege to be a part of.  This  incredible photo shares the hope.  It speaks a thousand words in a matter of seconds.  I've lived with this photo for several days now and I can't believe how a quilt can transform a life but it's more than the material.  It's about the warmth and the hands that have passed over it to get it's to it's rightful destination.  Thanks to everyone involved in this incredible charity particularly to Rebecca who hand delivers them with her heart and soul.  And if you want to do more to help contribute to the cause …watch this video. and reach out to Rebecca