Urban Chic in Berlin

Squish is other mediums using my fabrics look at what Linda Gaylord does with our fabrics to advertise her fabric shop Volksfaden located in Berlin, Germany. Thanks Linda for sharing this wonderfully edgy art to show fabric…we love it…To enter a squish catagorey show us what you are doing with the fabrics in an artful way..45

Crazy about Suzy

Suzy Spence has the gift of mix look at these aprons so fun and lyrical please do yourself a favor and visit her blog just loving what she is about..loves the vintage and look at the stash…but you have to see the wall of fabrics ….so jealous…Inspirations

Happy Birthday Teresa!!!!!!!!!

For those of you who don’t know Teresa get to know her!!!!! It’s her Birthday and she is an amazing talent who has the gift to bring other like-minded people together and share their gifts…The founder of Silver Bella
a fun think tank for creative people In her town of Omaha! People travel to this annual meet up to get their groove on….Her new book Foof-a- Life seems to be selling out so get your order in!! The wonderful crown contribution was the brainchild of Kimberly Kwan a talented photographer and artist and good friend of Teresa’s….We are all privledged to be a part of such a sensational tribute to a sensational Lady! All my love to you Teresa on this your special day…JenniferImg_0137

The Girl from Grand Revival

I don’t know what it is but I absolutely love my colleagues …When Donna Wilder was president of Free Spirit she had that magic selector thing and could select talent with her eyes closed……well fortunately before she left she added Tanya Wendelken to the roster of great Free Spirit designers and like always she never dissapoints….Tanya’s collection could have come straight from Grandmas attic they are that amazing …I don’t know about you but Grandma’s estate had the stash of beauties that will live on forever in their timeless quality of amazing grace…You will love her designs, you will love her….definitly visit and watch how she uses her beautiful fabrics …Please welcome her to the blog world and tell her I send my love…..Pics_379_copy2496x326_2


Another addition to make my day is my gal pal Laurie of the Wooden Spool! taking pieces from her favorite Modgirls collection Laurie used a rolled edge hem on several different pieces and just layered them on the table (these are not connected) so you can use them later in a project…!! Laurie I love this and plan to make one for my picnic table but it will be connected maybe with an embroidery stitch where the fabrics meet…Tablespread

Make my day!!!

This is a new catagory that I’ve decided I needed for all you talented peeps…..thanks for sharing your work with us and inspiring everyone to use these fabrics in wonderful ways…flag me down ,show me, it really tickles me to see them working for you..The latest is an apron by Louise Pappas from Australia using the wonderful gingham as a compliment…I also love that sewers look to other fabric lines for input and not stay within the limits of one fabric line …no matchy matchy here it’s not what quilters do they are more interested (in my mind of course) in juxtaposition and what makes things pop and recede throughtout their work…for me that’s the intrigue..surprise me!! Thanks Louise it’s a pleasure to get to know you..Jennifer568814886_3b440b2fbf_o

Do we have a Winner???

I’m telling you Sew Mama Sew has put on a grand handbag contest over at their site travel now and see the great bags…These amazing and talented designers are using patterns,creating paterns or making it up as they go but I’ll tell you we got big talent here….I have been blessed with the opportunity to judge these bags and I’m telling you it is not going to be easy….By the way Sew Mama Sew is an amazing on line fabric store for those of you who don’t know and they sell Mod Girls!! Love you Beth and Kristen you add fun to fabric…Bagmonth_3

Lucky “U” Ranch

She’s at it again my friend Nancy from Lucky “U” Ranch is at it again ..I have to say this is where I reap the rewards…look at this masterpiece…a horse is going to wear this!!! Is that the coolest??!? Just rocking my rocking horse world…this is horse finery at it’s best….P1010014

6 in a row!!

These are all available for immediate sale…..The KatieBird Bag!! $50.00 each ..e-mail me if you are interested! I’ll be vacationing in the Adirondeck’s with the family at the end of July so get your order in early…JenniferComplete

photohog George

George was so sweet with Sophie…we are dog people so everyone loves George….you can see his tongue
always wwants a big lick especially if you just had a Dunkin Donut!!!Img_0617