Here comes the Bride!

Margaret carried our Sis Boom mini Bouquet on her special day..We feel so luck to have been part of her magical day…check out the blue of her dress!!!!! Anyway we thought we’d share this special moment!Rookssmith_122_bw

6 weird Things about me

This is my list, yes I’ve been tagged,but it really forces you to look at yourself in a new way…
1) Talk about my dog way too much!
2) My daughter says I’m quirky!
3) I love to spend time with myself!!
4) Don’t like sand on my wet feet!
5) Love my birthday!! try to stretch out pampering for weeks!
6) Wear socks to bed everynight!
So now if I tag you be sure and list 6 weird things about yourself and have fun…

Another Pretty

Hello my friends…I feel like a little three year old with my photoshop artwork…..mommy looka me… is so basic
but I don’t know something about it makes me smile…they told me when I started I would have to do it everyday
and as you know like all trial and error it can be very frustrating! “What layer am I on????” Sound Familiar? Has anyone seen my Magic Wand? but guess what I hired a guy named Mario Leone
who specializes in this sort of thing…he comes every friday….whether I like it or not and we go through step by step Layer via copy…anyone???
Best thing I ever did for myself…..we are going on a 16th week and still very much a novice…slow learner…but if you are in Connecticut he’s your man…Mario if you are reading this always save a space for me….He’s my dawg!!!
Then as I was practicing my layer via cut the bell rang and it was Nicolewho by the way has way cool dolls!!
who told me I’d been tagged and had to write 6 things that are weird about me so I’ll be working on that this morning….and then tag 6 more people to do this…look out my friends…Birdiego

My Girl

This is a picture of my daughter Katie and I with a little photoshop fun thanks to Cari Kraft a wonderful new gal friend of mine with loads of creativity …. she is amazing visit her etsy shop too! The scroll is from scrapartist and that is one fun website.. My daughter suffers from Lyme disease she’s had it for going on 5 years, she’s in good hands,her Dr. is wonderful..Kate missed three years of school on and off and we have spent alot of time together…I hurt when she hurts ,I cry when she crys , and I am thrilled when she is giggling cause I know for that moment she is feeling I dropped her off at school and it was so hard… her head hurt so badly but she doesn’t want to miss school..She, like my son are my heros..I love them to bits…..The photos were for my husbands birthday yesterday and that’s all he wanted…made life quite easy..after Christmas January birthdays are not always easy..I should know my twin brother and I will be 49!!! I am also working on Valentines…look what I made from a grimy old box… is good again…Jenandkate


Every January for the past 10 years after a year of collecting inspirational images I set out to collage my Journals….these become for me my trademark emblems… this is how I define myself, my place in this world…I collect thoughtfully, images that resonate with me…that for one reason or another call to me….It’s a very important discipline in my life that like most disciplines reveal freedom and not constraint….I refer to these 20 odd books over and over for color ,for form, for ideas, for juxtaposition,for pattern, for flow…I include press about me and about my business as well as letters, encouraging notes from my mom, my children’s thoughts, accomplishments, art work, anything that provokes me to thought…I love these images and wanted to share with my fellow bloggers….