New Friend!

Cari Kraft is a very talented crafter ! I forgot to ask her if that’s her real name if it is I am soooo way Jealous!! i once met a woman who changed her last name to Christmas Tree!! Have you ever heard of Laurie Christmastree? It’s a name you don’t forget! Any way Cari makes cute stuff and sells it in her Etsy shop go see but come back tomorrow I’ll have more to post…Il_430xn5082228Is this so cool I even bought one to have for my tree!

2 Responses to “New Friend!”

  1. yay!! Me too! love it! The garlands are fab too!! Can’t wait to see what she does next!!!
    Hope your Thanksgiving was GREAT!!!
    xoxo me

  2. Cari says:

    Oh, you girls are too, too sweet, I can’t wait to see what I do next either!!!!!
    And yes that is my real name, it was love at first sight, well, no, wait…I think the first words I said to him were, “Shut the _______ up!” because he was teasing me unmercifully as I walked by in the campus center in college. That was 19 years ago! Yikes!!!!

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