You are loving “Jenny Eliza”

We are so smitten with this line and can’t thank you enough for creating all the beauty we are seeing on social media and we can’t say enough thank yous for all you do.  You enrich our lives with the items you create and inspire all of us with your unique eye!! So many talents so many gifts and we are struck dumb everyday with the multitude of  ideas.  We love Jenny Eliza and see that you love it also. Currently this line is selling at JoAnns and we couldn’t be more pleased with the Launch.  Their website has to keep replenishing the goods and that’s never a bad thing!!!  Please feel free to buy online.  So we had our wonderful photographer friend Tim Geaney (photographer to the stars) take some whimsy so you can see the breathtaking quality of these fabrics for themselves. red meghan hint jimbo sissy katie shore IMG_8088


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  1. Michelle. Davidson says:

    ***SECOND EMAIL***

    I don’t see the pattern name next to each dress above or is it no where to be found on this page? I also wrote a week ago in regards to the ad which was emailed out roughly a week ago to everyone. It showed a beautiful green dress with pink flowers on the fabric and the lower end of the dress had pink and white polka dots. Along with this dress, the fabric and Joanne’s info was part of the email. Anyway…All I wanted was the pattern name to THAT DRESS TOO. :). Please.

    So to sum up my letter, would you please release to me the pattern names from the above pictures and the pattern name for the dress in your latest ad for Jenny Eliza sent in a mass email. I would like to make one point: Had all pattern names been located next to each dress above, making it more accessible to the customer, I would have bought them all AND the fabric too. Just for thought for better business on your website.

    Michelle P. Davidson

    • Jenny Fish says:

      Hey there! I know how inspiring Jennifer and her gorgeous fabrics and patterns are and how her wonderful photos make me want to get the look, so I thought I would take a moment to help! These are all SisBoom designs not all of them are patterns but several are. Look in the patterns section on her page and you will find the Lucy, Angie and Jamie PDF patterns were used for three of the dresses, the rest are waiting to be turned into patterns. Her list is long so it may be a while before they come out. The soft pink dress with straps and bow at waist is the one that is most likely to be the next pattern. I only best guess this based on Jennifer’s comments on her Facebook page. I am a tester so I am looking forward to it coming out! Very exciting! Join the Sis Boom chatter on FB. It’s a friendly supportive group!

  2. Jenny Fish says:

    You know how much I look forward to your photo shoot pictures! Just love these! You are the master of creating a vibrant dreamy look!

  3. Jenny Fish says:

    And that guitar is divine!

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