You are loving “Jenny Eliza”

We are so smitten with this line and can’t thank you enough for creating all the beauty we are seeing on social media and we can’t say enough thank yous for all you do.  You enrich our lives with the items you create and inspire all of us with your unique eye!! So many talents so many gifts and we are struck dumb everyday with the multitude of  ideas.  We love Jenny Eliza and see that you love it also. Currently this line is selling at JoAnns and we couldn’t be more pleased with the Launch.  Their website has to keep replenishing the goods and that’s never a bad thing!!!  Please feel free to buy online.  So we had our wonderful photographer friend Tim Geaney (photographer to the stars) take some whimsy so you can see the breathtaking quality of these fabrics for themselves. red meghan hint jimbo sissy katie shore IMG_8088


10-5 today my place

yes we are open..letting go of lots of product, many handmade right here in CT.

See anything you like, please inquire, we are here to help!


This week sharing the love

As you know we continue to share the love , we continue to share projects from our books because with each new fabric collection the books come alive once again.  So please do your self a favor try Girls World and Happy Home they are filled with everlasting projects!! The clothing, the floral crowns, the pillows , all find there roots in our books.  We look back to them often to inform and fuel new ideas!!  Purchase from me and I will sign or purchase from many of the fabric stores when you are purchasing fabric.   Purchase both together and with prime shipping you got yourself a deal!!  $34.96. So take a look enjoy the photo shoot and please stop by  The studio Tuesday for some great deals!!

Florida!!! Are you listening??

Big event in Del Ray this weekend that you do not want to miss…R u hearing me..?  Hickity Pickity will be there with all your favorites for everyone in the family!!  I so wish I could attend.  Make sure to look for Judy Buchanan and her talented daughter Katie   Follow them both and facebook to see what they will be bringing to the Affair.  This is big and make sure to bring the kids and make a day of it..lots to see and do.  The Delray Affair, read about it here.


A Very Exciting Moment

As we all know it takes a ton of rejection to get that one moment.  So grateful for it!  It was a ton of fun and would love to have the opportunity again but one thing I do know is that life will unfold and I will show up. Letting Go is never easy but when you trust and have faith all things work out.  My mom taught me that!!

So here we are Madeline and I ,my husband is working hard in the background and my children are watching in suspense.  We did it.  Nailed it and all because my co host Madeline with the long flowy hair in the beautiful Sis Boom dress she designed,  kept me on track, kept me rehearsing, kept the props coming and told me I could do it.

Thanks to all you beautiful people in my life who keep it real , throw caution to the wind and act real silly.  You are my heros!!

Thanks Fox and Friends for allowing me to share my passion!  Click on the Picture to see the video or click here.