You are loving “Jenny Eliza”

We are so smitten with this line and can’t thank you enough for creating all the beauty we are seeing on social media and we can’t say enough thank yous for all you do.  You enrich our lives with the items you create and inspire all of us with your unique eye!! So many talents so many gifts and we are struck dumb everyday with the multitude of  ideas.  We love Jenny Eliza and see that you love it also. Currently this line is selling at JoAnns and we couldn’t be more pleased with the Launch.  Their website has to keep replenishing the goods and that’s never a bad thing!!!  Please feel free to buy online.  So we had our wonderful photographer friend Tim Geaney (photographer to the stars) take some whimsy so you can see the breathtaking quality of these fabrics for themselves. red meghan hint jimbo sissy katie shore IMG_8088


Tremendous fun!!

So I took a bunch of candle sticks and spray painted them gold!!  While they were drying I took those cardboard cones wrapped old wallpaper and tinsel around and made a lovely forest of  Christmas trees. I’m finding my true north and trying to always top last years’s not easy sometimes I think where is my creativity!!! Like any creative if you don’t use it you get a bit stale but I am in the groove and ideas are flying now i need to catch up with them. #sleepless nights. I hope you come this year. Make the trek and see how much fun we have here!!  Invite below in previous post.   So here are the trees. $45.00 each.



10-5 today my place

yes we are open..letting go of lots of product, many handmade right here in CT.

See anything you like, please inquire, we are here to help!


Pom Poms and Flowers

More from our fabulous day!!





CRafting Zone!!

Look at what else Jessica Huizenga of Love Colorful has done for you.  Those digital downloads are toooo fun for words.  Something to do with the kids??? Digital downloads.  They also inspire creativity and you can use it and make as many eggs that could fill the Empire State building or not.  Mom’s prefer you didn’t.  We just love them and can’t thank starlit Jessica enough for sharing her take on the whole thingamabob!!!  She’s dabomb!!!!

Ella’s 7th birthday!!

Oh it’s a big one for Miss Ella!! She’s 7 today!!! And Mama went all out in Sis Boom style!!!!! Any day can be a special day with a big ol frame some modpodge and Sis Boom fabric!!! We just love our Jennifer , always smiling and she put on a fabulous birthday for Ella !!  She’s a crafty girl for sure..Her etsy shop SouthernBabies Boutique is in full swing!! Check it out here.

We love you miss Ella and your Sissy too!!! Give Ella a birthday shout out friends!!!


Leave it to Melisa P. to give us a fun tutorial on bracelet making with Modpodge and crazy love!!!How fun is this done with the selvedges could become another trendsetting notion. Melissa P. shares with us the how too!!  Flip through her blog and watch for other great ideas..Put this in your love ones Easter basket!!