Drum Roll Please

Circa is coming and the anticipation is building and before you know it you will be making such lovelies as these. I tell you this is a long wait even for me because I want to see your creations.  We call this one a two bolter for stores because we know it’s going to fly off the shelves by all the clamor on facebook.  It is Circa, it’s kind of all your faves wrapped into one introduction!!  So big thanks to the stores online and brick and mortar we are so grateful to you for servicing these good folk!!!  My other favorite expression is hoardworthy because we don’t want another Flower Power Fiasco.  If you love it, go for it..The other day two yards of Loopy vintage Floral went for $300.00 dollars on ebay!!!  Yowsers!  So let’s be sensible and go for it now!!  Then in 10 years we will all sell it on ebay..Me too!!!  Seriously you guys make it so fun and I love to giggle with you cause at the end of the day we all love to have a big stash and the one with the most wins!!! :))))) All my love, Jennifer

By the way the first pillow is a project in our Girls World Book that is sweeping the Nation..(not kidding)

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