That’s what Circa gives us!! It’s a Glance at the past but not a stare. We love to borrow from the past but we love to fussy it up with all your favorite colors.  There is something you relate to something you can’t quite put your finger on..that would be the sentiment from an era gone by!  Hickity Pickity , along time friend of Sis Boom has embraced the sensibility of Circa and as always spins her own style amongst the folds.  We love her creations and we hope they inspire you. Get to know Judy Buchanan on facebook because she sells her wares and if you don’t sew this is your chance to get lovely affordable clothes made from Sis Boom Fabrics. Thanks Judy and of course the lovely Georgia who takes the beautiful pics!!

Crafting with Sis Boom!

Aren’t you lucky… this is a fun announcement…

This summer we will be doing a series of CRAFTING VIDEOS! Your host will be… Boomer. (he’s lovely, really).

Enjoy the snippit below, introducing you to Crafting With Sis Boom. It’s time to get your craft on, Sis Boom style…

You have 2 weeks to gather your supplies, which are all listed in the Resources section of Happy Home. Get your signed copy HERE.


Drum Roll Please

Circa is coming and the anticipation is building and before you know it you will be making such lovelies as these. I tell you this is a long wait even for me because I want to see your creations.  We call this one a two bolter for stores because we know it’s going to fly off the shelves by all the clamor on facebook.  It is Circa, it’s kind of all your faves wrapped into one introduction!!  So big thanks to the stores online and brick and mortar we are so grateful to you for servicing these good folk!!!  My other favorite expression is hoardworthy because we don’t want another Flower Power Fiasco.  If you love it, go for it..The other day two yards of Loopy vintage Floral went for $300.00 dollars on ebay!!!  Yowsers!  So let’s be sensible and go for it now!!  Then in 10 years we will all sell it on ebay..Me too!!!  Seriously you guys make it so fun and I love to giggle with you cause at the end of the day we all love to have a big stash and the one with the most wins!!! :))))) All my love, Jennifer

By the way the first pillow is a project in our Girls World Book that is sweeping the Nation..(not kidding)

We Heart Decorate!!

It’s special and always fun to have amazing blog resources when it comes to style and decor, but to have a beautiful publication that you can hold in your arms, display on your coffee table, and reference in a heart beat is truly meaningful and important.

Talented and loved-by-all blogger, Holly Becker, has just announced her new book, DECORATE, and we couldn’t be happier and more excited for her! DECORATE will be available in the US on May 1sr!!! We also have to give a very special shout out to Laura Lee Mattingly, one of the Girl’s World Editors, who is also the US Editor for DECORATE!!.. That kind of makes us all Chronicle Cousins in a fun sorta way! Love it! Love being ‘related’ to such talented peeps!

We have always admired Holly’s creative words and visuals on her beautiful blog, Decor8. Holly is not only inspiring but also supportive of all her fellow designers and crafters. She constantly leaves little gems of advice on twitter, which we all benefit from, and the eye candy she blesses us with daily is the fuel that keeps our decor motivation pumping!

Good luck, Holly! We know you will soar with this newest endeavor!

Our Girl’s World Winner on Facebook!!!

You are ALL rock stars!! You’ve filled our facebook page with happiness and JOY! It was tough for us to end this raffle because your beautiful comments pouring in made our hearts smile! Thank You, All, so very much.

Our facebook winner is…. Leah Cooper Rives of The Sewing Blonde Blog!!!! CONGRATS!!! Your book will be mailed out on May 1st! We will reach out to you for your address. Thanks again to all for your sweet, beautiful words! xo Jen

Our Girl’s World winner on TWITTER!

Drum roll…

Our twitter winner will receive a signed copy of Girl’s World on May 1st!

@SewHappyJen YOU are our winner!!!! Thank you so, so much for helping us spread the word and for the crazy love you’ve been spreading. So fun popping on twitter and chit chatting with you. Congrats!!!

We’ve fallen in love with Twitter recently and met a whole new crwod of lovely, talented folks! It’s been so fun to discover a new outlet with so many wonderful inspiring links and people to chat with. It was soo awesome hosting a twitter Girl’s World Raffle– something that was new to us and new for all of you! Hope you all had fun! If you aren’t our lucky winner, keep checking back — we always do raffles!

Girl’s World Raffle Winner!!!!

Hey everyone! You are all so amazing!

We’ve had nothing but heartfelt support and encouragement from each and every one of you, which has meant the world to us!

It’s scary debuting a project like this, and boy, have you made it all fun and happiness!!!! We’ve had to keep it a secret for so long that we are just so happy to share it with the world!!!

With that being said here is our winner…. scroll down… (we have to make this as dramatic as possible!)….. She will receive a signed copy of Girl’s World on May 1st!!… keep scrolling to see winner below the photo!!!…

LORI of Love Hazel Blog!! YOU are our winner!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!

Put your hands together for our lovely winner!

Winners on Facebook & Twitter raffles will be announced tomorrow, so get your last minute votes in over there!! We will be hosting many more raffles in the future, so keep checking back! Thanks again, everyone!

Raffle Reminder!!!

Hi Everyone!!! Just a friendly reminder to enter any or all of the 3 Girl’s World raffles we’re currently hosting!!! Winners will be randomly selected & announced within the next few days! Hurry up and enter the raffles! (Books will be shipped out to lucky winners on May 1st !)

  1. Sis Boom Blog Contest: Leave a comment on this blog post to enter raffle!
  2. Sis Boom Facebook Contest: Leave a comment below this Facebook photo to enter raffle
  3. Twitter Contest: All you’ve gotta do is follow Sis Boom on Twitter, and RT this tweet!: BOOK GIVEAWAY! Girl’s World by Jennifer Paganelli – Follow @Sisboom & RT this post to enter! Winner announced March 10th

The Whimsical Way of Girl’s World

We are so ecstatic to finally share with you the treasure we’ve kept a secret for so long. Now that we’re allowed to share and talk about it… we can’t stop!!!

All of these unreal photos were taken by the amazing Tim Geaney, wardrobe styled by the wondrous Ise White, photo styled by Quilter & amazing Creative Nancy Geaney, and set design by the extraordinary Mary Tucciarone Of Tucci Designs (as seen in Wilton Magazine – also photographed by Tim Geaney!!) Last but certainly not least, a HUGE shout out to our wonderful Maritza of Frama Sewing who brought so many amazing pieces of the puzzle to life by her magical upholstery touch!!! WOW what an amazing team!!!

The entire process from start to finish was so special and so much fun. Working with all the models, spending time with our dear friends who each had a special part in the book, and seeing the project evolve from a busy photo shoot full of little kids running around– to beautifully perfect photographs in a stunning publication is actually magical.

A Piece of Girl’s World…

We couldn’t possibly gush about Girl’s World without giving you a sneak peak into the beautiful pages… the heart and soul of the story… the precious Sis Boom moments so beautifully captured by our very dear Tim Geaney. Enjoy!…

It’s really just an itty bitty taste. The awesome models below are Sophie and Lola!

Photo by Tim Geaney, Photo Styling by Nancy Geaney

Photo by Tim Geaney, Photo Styling by Nancy Geaney

Photo by Tim Geaney, Photo Styling by Nancy Geaney

Photo by Tim Geaney, Photo Styling by Nancy Geaney

Photo by Tim Geaney, Photo Styling by Nancy Geaney