Handmade with love

So it’s official, dates are set and I am hustling in the craft room getting ready for all of you!!!! We have some awesome ideas and they are now coming to life!!  Lucky Girl will be in stock by then and you can come get you some.  Because the show is early you can even make something up. Yes check the dates, in early November this year, so you will have the gifts you need to celebrate the season.  Here are a few of the things we have been preparing.  Pricing is all under $40.00 each for items listed below.

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Lucky Girl Patchwork!

How about some Lucky Girl patchwork pillows?!

Toss some sweet patchwork pillows on a cozy chenille chair. We patched these up in photoshop, but would love to see what YOU come up with! Don’t forget to use your hashtags!

Happy sewing and you go, Lucky Girls xo!



Pom Poms and Flowers

More from our fabulous day!!





Hit Send

I did it, I announced Lucky Girl on Facebook. It’s always thrilling to launch a new line but it can be terrifying simultaneously!! You just always want everyone to be happy and that you continue to raise the bar for yourself.  Achievement can never really be measured so it has to come from within.  I like this line so much and know that you will have so much fun putting the designs  together. You know how much I love seeing your work and if I can help you launch a little biz so you can stay home with the kids I am happy to do so!!!! So I hope you are enjoying the summer it can be difficult juggling kids and your biz but take heart in knowing it will come when you are ready and not before.  Savor the notion that you are right where you are supposed to be!!




Circa Love from down under

Denise Walker another fan from Australia has done such an amazing job with Circa and the overalls are just the most exquisite for your baby.  Photo ops welcome. We are loving the styling at Butterflybees and as of right now there is not a pattern but you never know. You can see her items on Made it!!  We are so delighted to have her as part of the burgeoning group on facebook. I’m telling you they are chatting up on facebook and lots of sewing sites on FB to help you along!! Join the Scientific Seamstress Lab for updates, happenings, sew alongs and coupons!!!!!!  Carla has an infinite staff ready to help and answer questions.  Make sure you sign up today!!!

So Denise we wish you all the very best join Butterflybees on Facebook.

Wholecloth Quilts from Circa!

Something very big coming to Sis Boom wholecloth Quilts made in the USA.  As you know not many designers offer wholecloth quilts because they are so costly to make. We pay a huge premium to do business in America but we also know this is something that many of you want. We are starting with twin bedspread quilts only!! These are an investment for sure but so worth it!!! These are heirloom quilts.
These will last a lifetime just like our ancestors quilts!  They will travel with your children throughout their lives and the beauty is these are ready made from our Circa Line, no custom available but we would like to know if folks would like to see Queen and King so please let us know.  We hope to hear from you!! These are $400 each and please no hate mail, we are trying our best to keep them made in America. Once we get into volume orders we may be able to reduce the price. But we are years from that. Hope you like them. They will be available in our shop very soon!!

Made you Smile

Here they come our new pillows and we will let you know the retailers that will be carrying them.  You saw the ones in Happy Home and for those of you who don’t sew we decided to make them available and boy are we glad we did. The outpouring of love on facebook is a good indication that we scored. My Girlfriend Jennifer at Earth Angels Studios will be a good place to start May 1st! We are so excited by their debut..we are talking HAPPY!!!!  You can also create these in our book Happy Home with any word/s you like.  Please note do to overstock issues their are plenty of books under new on Amazon with much better pricing..just FYI That’s one of the best sewing books ever. ( I’ve been known to exaggerate.)



Drum Roll Please

Circa is coming and the anticipation is building and before you know it you will be making such lovelies as these. I tell you this is a long wait even for me because I want to see your creations.  We call this one a two bolter for stores because we know it’s going to fly off the shelves by all the clamor on facebook.  It is Circa, it’s kind of all your faves wrapped into one introduction!!  So big thanks to the stores online and brick and mortar we are so grateful to you for servicing these good folk!!!  My other favorite expression is hoardworthy because we don’t want another Flower Power Fiasco.  If you love it, go for it..The other day two yards of Loopy vintage Floral went for $300.00 dollars on ebay!!!  Yowsers!  So let’s be sensible and go for it now!!  Then in 10 years we will all sell it on ebay..Me too!!!  Seriously you guys make it so fun and I love to giggle with you cause at the end of the day we all love to have a big stash and the one with the most wins!!! :))))) All my love, Jennifer

By the way the first pillow is a project in our Girls World Book that is sweeping the Nation..(not kidding)

Make the Josie

Grab a copy of Girls World so when Circa gets here you will be able to create the Josie and all the other pretty dresses with those romantic fabrics called Circa!!!..Oh I can’t wait to see…HOLLA!!!!!!!!!!!  See you here in May when it begins to ship..while I’m thinking of it please hoard your faves in Happy Land.  I am definitely a fabric pusher but everyday we get folks looking for discontinued fabric so if you see it..buy it!!!  That’s how fast they move off the shelves and make way for new collections.

Country Living Fair

What to say about this fair???  It’s an incredibly good time.  Everyone is there to have a good time and they are so excited about their purchases!!!  I signed sooooo many books!!! I love getting to know you all. So many special people came by the booth and I was so touched by your sweet words and kindness.  Apparently in Columbus you can’t get enough Sis Boom fabric.  Seriously I can’t thank you enough.  Tom and his daughter Leighanna who the Leighanna pattern is named after were in the front row of my main stage presentation (just like last year) supporting me and encouraging me. (We missed you Angie) and even modeling their handmade Crazy Love Leighanna!!  It doesn’t get any better.  To all of you who visited and those who wanted too but couldn’t viral big hugs..I can feel the love.  Below is Tom’s princess dress so beautifully crafted I just had to share.  Oh and that’s me and Leighanna on the bottom. Just love that girl.  oh and don’t tell Carla we developed a great peasant top for big bums……that’s me in the SuperFly top.  Tom Jordan shout out!!! His shop!! HeavenleighBlessings!