Wide Brimmed for Summer Days

Get to Hickity Pickity and order your sunhat..no choice but to love..exquisite…Thanks Judy Buchannan!  You do it so well and that pin is priceless.

4 Responses to “Wide Brimmed for Summer Days”

  1. Rachaeldaisy says:

    Those hats are wonderful!! The flowers and stripey ties are wonderful touches!

  2. Awwww, just saw this was posted and that is so sweet of you!!! These will be in our next photoshoot with Forty Toes at the lens so get ready, sure to be adorable!! Love Sis Boom so so much!!

  3. cathy says:

    What great hats! Perfect!

  4. Rhette says:

    So pretty- are these made using the hat pattern from your book???

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