Fabulous Idea

Christy Bennett had an idea a year ago and after lots of consideration she has launched what I deem to be the next best thing from this world.  Are you ready???  Pre-made, lined, drapes!!!! I just think this is an idea that will be a huge hit!!  I am over the moon excited.  Once they find Darling Drapery  they’ll just have to deal with which ones to get!!!!  So many possibilities and she makes it affordable!!! Christy I think you are on the tipping point of something big and I know it is going to take off!!!  throw drapes up and have a party!!!! Match some pillows and you are good to go.  Congrats Christy!!So get over to Etsy and take a look at her collection.  I know you will love what you see….which room will you tackle first?

arabian bouquet pink

A wonderful tote!!

Here’s the remarkable tote everyone talks about in our Happy Home book. We actually have a beautiful sunhat as well to show you the versatility of quilting cottons, not just for quilts but has expanded to apparel and home dec product categories.  We just adore Circa and are so glad you have decided to hoard that line because it will be years before it makes a comeback if at all.  It is a classic and will live on long after the shelves are depleted.  We thought we’d show you two of the projects from Happy Home done up in Circa for your viewing pleasure.  As you all know I have made it my mission to get these books into every sewist’s hands so they can have fun creating all the loveliness inside these books!! I know I belabor the issue but I love that these books connect us all and inform us of the aesthetic that is Sis Boom.  We love that you join us in our homage to color and all the artists that have gone before us in celebrating color!

So enjoy making the market tote and sunhat we appreciate you!!

Lovely to meet you!

Lovely to meet you!

Like my Hat??

Like my Hat??




A stormy day miracle

This shoot started with Thunder cracking and lightening bolts and everyone in the kitchen at 7am in case a tree decided to fall on the house…Poor George was shaking like a leaf..I wondered what God had in store and how we would pull it off but I just had to trust.  I see now as always a need for faith in all things.  Dreamy photos by a brilliant photographer and stylist.  Tim Geaney and Madeline Rhodes collaborated on some sensational photos. We love to bring you cutting edge style , we are quilting fabric Fashionistas ! We just love to bring you quilts and apparel that will live on long after we are gone!!!! So hop on board take a look and please feel free to inquire about anything that you see that you might like!!! We are listening. Handbags $72.00 handmade in the US of A!!!

We love that you stopped by today and want you to know we design with you in mind..xo Jennifer





Custom for kids!!

Hanny lach Handmade kids the brain child of Cindy Seaman has such great kidswear and she customizes.  That’s not so easy to find in a world of readymade and she does it so well.  She’s a JP stasher and that makes for lots of options !! So find Cindy on facebook and ask her Wassup?? I love my Australian buds I even got a map out yesterday to see where they all are and they are all over the country.  How they discovered me I will never know.  Cindy is from Canberra, Australia.  I also have an app that tells me what time it is there..(Don’t want to wake them.) Alex and Grace from Queensland, Australia host the most amazing online auctions and Cindy is a part of that group as well.  I tell you I love them all and they get me!!  We are all on facebook press the links and get to know us it’s where we chat and look at amazing fabric all day!!


What we are Loving today…Quilts

Rachael of Blue Mountain Daisy is a good friend to us!!!  She is a magician!! Look what she has done with Super Fly and some West Indies Scraps!!  By the way lots of your favorite fabrics are on ebay right now!!!  Search Jennifer Paganelli!!  I digress! We love Rachael , we love her photographs but most of all it’s her enthusiasm that resides in her quilts. They are energetic , happy, prose!!  Ok so grab up some Super Fly and get inspired!!  Thanks lovely girl!!!! and thanks to your handsome helper too!!!


Quilting Passion

What you are about to see is brilliance!!  Rachael Daisy has been creating the most beautiful of quilt hexegons and I just had to bring them to your attention. These just get everyone ooohing and ahhing ..they are like little museum pieces.  Each one just will blow you away with the intricacy of design they create on their own. Like Kaleidoscope images you just can’t wait to see come together.  These use quite a bit of vintage Sis Boom which if you are lucky can grab on ebay or Etsy..  Just search Jennifer Paganelli Fabrics.  So go check Rachael out and enjoy the names of the fancy Hexies!! Below Chocolate Coated Rosy Posy!!!  Remember Craftsy has incredible charm packs and design rolls and fatquarters which are great for a project like this.  Not to mention their great prices.

Rachael so glad for the artist in you making me look sooo good..you are a Superstar!!


Craftsy Hollaback

ok guys for years you’ve been asking for pre-cuts and now finally I get to offer them to you through your favorite destination for all things Sis Boom.  We just saw that the 1/2 yards of Super Fly are back!!! They’ve also got Sis Boom Design rolls and charm packs and fatquarters, oh my!!! And they’re on sale … It doesn’t get any better.  Listen I would cut them if I could but someone has to walk George…..and pet Charlie Kitty.  Craftsy thanks for stepping up and making it easy on the Sis Boomers we are so grateful.  So get out there… craft , create, make Quilts and charm pack accessories. and lets give Craftsy a humble bow..as I always say #someonehastocutallthat  And for you crochet folks and yarn people they got it coming at you in all ways.  See the quilts below for some inspiration..Now get going and be the first.

Marsha Moore using Girls World Vibe


Elaine Schmidt using Girls World Vibe


West Indies Crazy Sew



Call a Tow Truck

Sis boom is always Happy to help with your questions, your searches, your ambitions!!!  We love to help launch you if you are using Sis Boom Fabrics.  Thanks for coming to the sale and being part of the Sis Boom community, we are so thrilled you came.  If you walked, drove, or came long distances we are so glad you made the trek.  Sis Boom loves a road trip!! The Rolls Royce came just in time for mom to turn on the engine and for all the pretty girls to push!!!  Mom loves a photo shoot and boy you can tell we enjoy the story line on this one.  Please leave your well wishes for my 80 year old mom who keeps the party Jumpin. Thanks Tim, Nancy and Madeline for making it the most memorable shoot in Sis Boom History!!! It’s all good in this hood!! Chandler fabric on mom found here!  Thanks Megan of Crafty Shack!! Photos Tim Geaney.

West Indies

As we all know West Indies is starting to move to the endangered list and becoming super hard to find!  That’s Where Cotton Blossom Farm comes into play.  We have a new seller in town and we are so grateful they carry both of the fabrics Monique from Sewfunbymonique used creating this over the shoulder napster style bag.  What will Monique think of next.  So big thanks to Cotton Blossom Farm and hugs for Monique hope you are all having a super weekend.

Craft with Burlap

So get some burlap hearts together and some wonderful felt flower forms from Etsy and sew them to the heart with sequins and beads and check out the lovelies you can create.. I love crafting with Burlap the perfect canvas for the back drop of color.  You saw them on Fox now you can create them and do them yourselves.  Enjoy my friends and always remember someone in Ct. loves ya! xoxoxo