Sis Boom in the Bahamas!!

Posted in our Flickr group Sis Boom Sightings, Team George has posted some pretties !!!   Gosh I love when you take us on vacation with you.  In some warped way I get to go with you.  It’s all about me!!!  Seriously love what you bring to the table and I love to see how you do it.  So thank you everyone and to these pretty girls and their Momma!!  I believe these are the Tallulah Halters in Girls World.  Nice job!!

Wide Brimmed for Summer Days

Get to Hickity Pickity and order your choice but to love..exquisite…Thanks Judy Buchannan!  You do it so well and that pin is priceless.

2 lovely girls

Isn’t it wonderful that the young kids are all wearing the upcoming Halter dress Lucy as a top?? !!  Their moms are testers for us and they are so happy to have halter tops!!  Thanks to Carla our dream is a reality.  Still in the testing phase the Lucy is going to wow!!!!  Thanks for your patience , larger sizes are testing and by the end of next week a new pattern will emerge!!!!  This is exactly how my daughter wore it!!!  Love it with the tank!!!

Thank you to Jayden and Nicole below, we love you guys!!

Sis Boom Sighting…on an island…

Leave it to our lovely, talented Friend and uber inspiration, Kate Spain, to have another Sis Boom sighting. Her other recent sighting was in this beautiful shoppe window… the one she emailed us with today takes the cake in our ” tropical Sis Boom Sightings” department…

Kate spotted our Sis Boom Back Bay pillow… in St. John!!!! How fun is that!! To know that a little piece of Sis Boom is in St. John makes us so happy (and warm!)

Want to see this beaut on your couch? This lovely online store, Modern Chic Home, is where it’s at…

and, no, of course we haven’t forgotten the Queen Street Challenge!! Winner will be announced within the next few hours! George has some reviewing to do!… everyone’s submissions were stunning!