A wonderful tote!!

Here’s the remarkable tote everyone talks about in our Happy Home book. We actually have a beautiful sunhat as well to show you the versatility of quilting cottons, not just for quilts but has expanded to apparel and home dec product categories.  We just adore Circa and are so glad you have decided to hoard that line because it will be years before it makes a comeback if at all.  It is a classic and will live on long after the shelves are depleted.  We thought we’d show you two of the projects from Happy Home done up in Circa for your viewing pleasure.  As you all know I have made it my mission to get these books into every sewist’s hands so they can have fun creating all the loveliness inside these books!! I know I belabor the issue but I love that these books connect us all and inform us of the aesthetic that is Sis Boom.  We love that you join us in our homage to color and all the artists that have gone before us in celebrating color!

So enjoy making the market tote and sunhat we appreciate you!!

Lovely to meet you!

Lovely to meet you!

Like my Hat??

Like my Hat??




Pom Poms and Flowers

More from our fabulous day!!





Way Cool Hipster!!!!

HOLD IT RIGHT THERE has added a new pattern to their tiny but growing steadily pattern collection!!  Smash Hit each and every bag she makes!!  The she is Suzanna Marosi McKeon and she is on a serious path to success!! You can buy from her Etsy shop or you can make one your own with her  wonderful patterns!  Remember size is everything and I love that these are such wonderful works of art and yet hold so many items.  Keep her in your bookmarks..more to follow.


Sis Boom in the Bahamas!!

Posted in our Flickr group Sis Boom Sightings, Team George has posted some pretties !!!   Gosh I love when you take us on vacation with you.  In some warped way I get to go with you.  It’s all about me!!!  Seriously love what you bring to the table and I love to see how you do it.  So thank you everyone and to these pretty girls and their Momma!!  I believe these are the Tallulah Halters in Girls World.  Nice job!!

Wide Brimmed for Summer Days

Get to Hickity Pickity and order your sunhat..no choice but to love..exquisite…Thanks Judy Buchannan!  You do it so well and that pin is priceless.

Crazy Giveaway

CiCi and Ryan You all do it so well.  Look at this offering, best to leave a comment and enter to win this giveaway. You get everything but the baby!!!! What I love to point out in your work is the addition of white that makes everything so crisp!!!  Truly inspirational items.  I love seeing our fabrics in the mix and the way in which you have chosen your fabrics.  The skirt to the far right is a Heather Bailey and not certain of the yellow. Would I not love to be one of these girls.  Thanks for your sensational Fashion sense!! Honey Child Fabrics here! Fabric.com even has the laminate. Laminate for raincoats getting harder to find so get on it!!  Thanks for all your Sis Boom Love ..!! Make CiCi and Ryan your next stop on the Easter Outfit Train ! Get in on that raffle…..Ends Monday!!!! Serious raffle..

Quilting with Honey Child

I love this stole it from my Flickr Sis Boom Sightings Group and had to share and I’m afraid I don’t know more than that !!  At the end of the day it’s the quilts that get most of your attention and that makes me so happy.  Look at the addition of the wonderful pieced pillow in Honey Child.  Somewhere I see beach and waves in this quilt could it be because winter is quickly  approaching?  Tell us about yourself the creative person behind this quilt we are madly in love..xoxoxo  Update!!! We found her!! or she found us! Melissa Quintana from Sew Addicted to blogs you are fabulous!!

Setting the Scene Hickity Pickity Style

Judy Buchanin of Hickity Pickity always does such an amazing job of setting the scene.. It’s a Sunday afternoon and the girls are in the sunfilled kitchen baking their little hearts away. The smells are sweet, the colors are saturated and warm, and the clothing is to die for.

Can’t you smell the cupcakes in the oven? Can’t you taste the sweet icing? Doesn’t this make you want to go and sew up a sweet little apron for your sweet little girl?

Sis Boom Sightings

It’s what we love here.  We get emails now and again that tell us of Sis Boom Sightings and we really and truly appreciate hearing about them..So Terri one of our die-hard fans emailed and told me about a quilt in this months Quilt Magazine by Karen Dumont of KariePatch Designs that really got our attention!!  It is fabulous and the step by step is all there in the magazine.  Karen chose Honey Child   (which I saw plenty of at Lola Pink Fabric) to complete her quilt called Day at the lake which is really  taking Bow Tie Blocks and standing them on their head.  3D no less.  She along with Judy Jennings made a fabulous quilt that you have to have!!  Thanks ladies!!  Got a Sis boom Sighting to share?? We want to know.

OMG Girls World Vibe!!!

So here’s the deal!!!  Girls World Vibe is so dynamite with Honey Child and West Indies that you are going to freak!!!!  I love all of your photos and love how you mix it all up and no one knows better than Judy Buchannon of Hickity Pickity to stock up on your faves cause they disappear quickly!!  Think of Girls World Vibe as your anchor fabrics and they will be perfect for whatever you do!!!!  Check out Judy with her West Indies and Honey Child Combo!!!!
See Girls World Vibe in the Fabric Gallery of our site!

Anchor Fabrics are the common Denominator of everything Sis Boom we also tried to get Casey Scroll addicts to take a look at our new designs and we think you’ll be happy…We are crazy about all of you!!  So Take a look at Girls World Vibe and create some of the beauties in Girls World Like those big pillows on the back of the book you’ve been wanting to make! Thanks Judy for sharing your amazing talents and imagination we love you for the wonderful soul you are!!  Oops almost forgot to mention

Georgia Handy photography!