Soft Spoken

Lynn Harris’s quilts speak to me I love how an innocent golden brown pinwheel glides over the surface of her Lucky Girl Quilt.  It is indeed magical and I am always happy with the choices she makes when doing a Sis Boom Quilt. Lynn is wonderful and now has a long arm quilting machine so talk to her.  I send it to her and she does the quilting. This collection reminds me of an old quilt with random pieces thrown together but it’s the darks and the lights that create the story!!! I love the navy in this collection because it grounds everything else.  Thanks for the classic you created Lynn. I am in heaven….seriously!!




3 Responses to “Soft Spoken”

  1. jeanine says:

    GORGEOUS quilt!!!

  2. Rachaeldaisy says:

    This is such a beautiful quilt!! I just popped over to Lynn’s blog and there is the most beautiful photos of the light shining through the quilt, making it glow. The stripe from Circa makes such a great backing too!!

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