Soft Spoken

Lynn Harris’s quilts speak to me I love how an innocent golden brown pinwheel glides over the surface of her Lucky Girl Quilt.  It is indeed magical and I am always happy with the choices she makes when doing a Sis Boom Quilt. Lynn is wonderful and now has a long arm quilting machine so talk to her.  I send it to her and she does the quilting. This collection reminds me of an old quilt with random pieces thrown together but it’s the darks and the lights that create the story!!! I love the navy in this collection because it grounds everything else.  Thanks for the classic you created Lynn. I am in heaven….seriously!!




10-5 today my place

yes we are open..letting go of lots of product, many handmade right here in CT.

See anything you like, please inquire, we are here to help!


This week sharing the love

As you know we continue to share the love , we continue to share projects from our books because with each new fabric collection the books come alive once again.  So please do your self a favor try Girls World and Happy Home they are filled with everlasting projects!! The clothing, the floral crowns, the pillows , all find there roots in our books.  We look back to them often to inform and fuel new ideas!!  Purchase from me and I will sign or purchase from many of the fabric stores when you are purchasing fabric.   Purchase both together and with prime shipping you got yourself a deal!!  $34.96. So take a look enjoy the photo shoot and please stop by  The studio Tuesday for some great deals!!

Sweetest little one!!

You have to love Violet Fields new pattern.  We are crazy about it. The Emmaline dress can be found here.   We adore it in Circa and love how the Taylor in blue was just made for little girls, priceless, precious!!!!  I just couldn’t wait to show you this photo and have you watch the fabric come to life.  An abundance of floral bouquets tells a beautiful story on this little girl. Fabric found here.



We are so grateful to Carla Crim for our amazing PDF patterns. Every Day, and I mean Every Day, you all are singing the praises of Sis Boom patterns and we feel truly blessed to have the Scientific Seamstress tried and true pattern designer for the Sis Boom Pattern Co.

She gives it her all and simplify’s  the process and anticipates your questions before the pattern debuts. Our faithful testers give her feedback and talk each stage through. They also add to the magic of Sis Boom Patterns.

I can tell that you are all happy because we get so few questions It’s kind of like the Maytag repairman there is nothing to fix!!

Kudos to Carla and her amazing team of testers.  We appreciate you all so much.

So here it is the most popular pattern for it’s ease of  creating and of versatility.  It’s the Molly Peasant!  Named after my sweet sis and that’s Sophie my niece when she was a little one. You probably know her from our book Girls World.


Holiday Dress

We introduced the Betty Ann later in the game to get a jump on spring but look what Jenny did for her daughter Kelsey.

She made a Leighanna peasant and used it beautifully under the Betty Ann.  This is sensational for the cooler months.  Jenny you’ll have to tell us that sweet fabric on the blouse. Lovely.  We will never ever get enough of Jenny’s wonderful work!

Look at some of her amazing work using our patterns and even one she designed herself.  Jenny at Sew Pretty Dresses you make my world go round.!




Dressing up!

Sew Mama Sew Thanks for carrying Girls World at such a great price.  So those of you who have been holding out to purchase this fab (I’ve been told ) book please put together a nice package for yourself.  In the cart put the book, 5 yards of Chandler in Brandy and create the Josie, or the Mary Fancy Dress inside the book (make them long to the floor if you like, that’s why the extra yardage!)  and make one happy little girl! Look at Miss Abby!!!  Thanks Sew Mama Sew you mean so much to us and we love your new book store!!  Photo by Tim Geaney!!

A great gift for the Holidays

Whole Cloth Quilt!!  So you purchase two fabrics with 6-7 yards of each fabric to make a twin quilt and a pillow case to coordinate and about a yard of another coordinate for the binding. One fabric on one side of the quilt and one fabric on the other, thus the name whole cloth!  Great to put a spring/summer  fabric on one side and a fall/winter fabric on the other Find a local long arm quilter we have a special lady Jackie in Canton at Canton Village Quilt Works who will take your fabrics batt and quilt for a price and ship it right to your door.  So great for a unique gift that you won’t find in the big box stores!!  Everyone at my daughters school is constantly asking her where she purchased hers?????? Visit her shop. Talk to Jackie about how you can possibly get a whole cloth made cause she is so service oriented and loves what she does!!!  Look below at West Indies Chandler in Blue found at Sew Mama Sew.