Summertime For Hickity Pickity!

With nearly 25″ of snow still surrounding us (yes, it’s true in some parts of CT!), heavy boots, scarves, hats and jackets… it’s difficult to imagine that Summer is really around the corner. We’re actually closer than you think- right? Just smile and nod…

Thanks to our dear friend Judy at Hickity Pickity, Summer is feeling just a wee bit closer and we’re LOVING it. Check out these adorable beach photos. There’s nothing quite like a super chunky zebra print.. on an over the moon, adorable, gal.

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  1. Sending all our love and warmth to you in the North!!! We are walking on sunshine with all the beautiful Sis Boom fabrics, everyday is summer vacation!!! Our sweet California girl in the picture and her mommy really make our dreams come true!!xoxo

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