Beach Boho Style

Our friends over at Hickity-Pickity sent me these gorgeous shots for their new summer collection using Caravelle Arcade. All I can say is WOWZERS. Have you seen anything cuter for little girls this summer??? They have outdone themselves again!


Holy summer cuteness! The top is called Beach Bandeaux and the bottom’s are Shelling Shorties! Loving the contrasting big bow on the back.


Perfectly cool and comfortable for a beach party or just hanging out in the backyard on a lazy summer day.


Who is ready for tea in these darling Twirly Sundresses?


Judy has such a talent for mixing the colors and patterns. I bet any little girl could dance the day away in one of these dresses!


Such much cuteness, I can’t take it! FABULOUS!


Any summer weddings coming up? These Tulle Sundresses complete with a beautiful tulle overlay with white seersucker skirt would be perfect! Thank you Hickity Pickity for designing and making inspiring clothing for little ones. I am honored you pick Sis Boom fabrics to bring your creations to life!

January Launch

Some of you know we are now represented at Joann Fabric and Craft Stores and we couldn’t be happier with this partnership!  Throw in the Talents of Hickity Pickity and her daughter Blue Pelican with an amazing photographer Sarah Cardenas and it all adds up to success!! We love to give you tactile images to get those creative juices flowing and for those of you who would rather purchase than sew we can make that happen!!!  Hickity Pickity with their debut for babies and kids is unstoppable and they have an extensive line of products sold through Harvey’s on first and Snappy Turtle in Delray!!


We are in heaven with these amazing results!!!  Thank you to Springs Creative and Joann Fabric and Craft Stores for this amazing Launch.  I’ll be looking for everyone at the Milford store!!  Load up your carts and show us your goods for a chance to win a stack of fabric!!!!  Show us on the Jennifer Byrne Paganelli Facebook page!!

We want to see your Jenny Eliza Quilts and clothing and accessories!!!!


Thank you Hickity Pickity for puting together this amazing photoshoot I know the work that goes into these..xoxoxoskirt brand presh bonnie kiss allie hp jenny bows kids tingle guitar hick hickity prettiness secrets bluepop


Big Hugs to the kiddos!!!!!!

Hickity Pickity for Jenny Eliza

hickity hickityp hickitypick HickityPi HICK HickitypickitySo by now you have heard of Hickity Pickity and I know for some of you it can be confusing because we are always talking about them on Facebook. they are the leaders in their genre. They use quilting fabrics for all of their products and we couldn’t be happier that they are smitten with both Sis Boom and Jenny Eliza. Judy Buchannan has been the visionary of Hickity Pickity and now along with her daughter they have artistically styled a very branded look.  They bow to Lily Pulitzer but have a certain signature that moves beyond that and distinguishes them from the pack.  They are also the ones that got the Aussies all their Jenny Eliza and we are so grateful for their generosity.  Hickity Pickity  you make us thirst for more of the incredible style that is you!!! Follow them, They will make you anything, you will enjoy working with them. They are in Florida and ship internationally!!! Organic Moments thanks for all the beautiful photos.


Sweet girl in Sweet Circa

We have watched this sweet, sweet girl blossom over the past few years. What a precious face and lovely presence. We simply adore her. We have our Dear Judy of Hickity Pickity and Forty Toes Photography to thank for bringing us these perfect little moments.

Seeing her float in Circa makes our hearts sing… I mean, how adorable is that halter dress and little purse? Perfectly bohemian and sweet all wrapped into one.

Keep posting your Circa projects- we can’t get enough!!

pssst… love the handbag little Stella is holding? Scoop one up right here. These awesome bags, topped off with a bow, complete any look! Designed by Suzanna Marosi of Hold It Right There

What I’m talking about.

It’s a new world, it’s a new day and we are blessed to be part of these new emerging times.  Check out Judy Buchanan shedding light on the wonderful Jane in Superfly. Remember, Judy is your source for purchasing items if you don’t sew. Shop her adorable and wonderful selection HERE on ETSY, or contact her directly here.

Loving these bold prints juxtaposed with this Shabby Chic Interior.  We get to choose. How lovely is that?  There used to be so many rules. My mom reminds me of them all the time- mostly that everything from one era stayed in that era and that you didn’t mix. Now it’s so much more eclectic and we define our own style in making choices.  In my mind, there is a fresh breath in Judy’s take on the world and it is shown over and over on our facebook page.  She has style.

I hope you will join us on facebook— join the conversation, because everyone there wants to meet you and we are all saving a place for you.  If you love what we do here just stop in and meet like-minded friends.

So, here are some portraits from Georgia Handy’s latest photo shoot. (See more Georgia Handy HERE).  The brilliance of this combo below can’t be denied.  Your photographer and his interpretation is everything- that’s why I so love Mr. Tim Geaney who photographed both of our books, Girls World and Happy Home.  Purchase them for less than $35.00 on Amazon! (Now, that’s unheard of!).

Hoping for signed copies? Look no further – visit our shop.



Hickity Pickity Sun hats

Sand, shovels, pails, sunscreen, flip-flops, and lemonade… what’s missing?! A SUN HAT!!!

We know where you can get one of those.. Judy Buchanin has a beautiful Hickity Pickity shop on Etsy. It is overflowing with all sorts of beautiful eye candy — you’ve gotta check it out! It’s not in the Etsy shop currently, but our fave piece of the day is this stunning sun hat that we spotted on her facebook page! Maybe she’ll do a custom order if you’re feeling like this will complete your summer look!

Beautiful photos by Georgia Hand photography

Summertime For Hickity Pickity!

With nearly 25″ of snow still surrounding us (yes, it’s true in some parts of CT!), heavy boots, scarves, hats and jackets… it’s difficult to imagine that Summer is really around the corner. We’re actually closer than you think- right? Just smile and nod…

Thanks to our dear friend Judy at Hickity Pickity, Summer is feeling just a wee bit closer and we’re LOVING it. Check out these adorable beach photos. There’s nothing quite like a super chunky zebra print.. on an over the moon, adorable, gal.


Thank you Judy for your beautiful dress and for Forty Toes photography that inspires us daily.  Jennifer , Your daughter wears the Sis Boom colors so beautifully!!  So here she is a beautiful girl in her Happy Land!!  Everything is perfection.  The fabric from Happy Land in Eloise JP069 green.


Happy Home Photo Challenge Week 3 WINNER!

You guys rock!! We LOVE seeing all of your Happy Home Photo Challenge submissions!!!! For our WEEK THREE WINNER We have to hand it to not ONE, but TWO lucky ladies! We tried so  hard to choose one, but we simply couldn’t!! Put your hands together for our friends Jenny of Sew Pretty Dresses, and Judy Buchanin of Hickity Pickity totally rocked the casbah this week with their submissions. We asked to see where everyone’s family gathers…. and boy did they show us!

Sew Pretty Dresses

Sew Pretty Dresses

Hickity Pickity

Hickity Pickity

Thank you so much for sharing these special photos with us. We love seeing where you and your families reside and enjoy time together!! Stay tuned.. overall winner announced in just a few minutes!

Be inspired

Thanks Judy!! We love this dress and we love the vibe.  Hickity Pickity folks, they are selling out of all of it!!!!  Judy knows what folks want, this Baby romper is done in so many colors follow Judy Buchanan on facebook!!  Folks are buying right when she posts something new!!!