Betty Ann in Beauty Queen!

What do you get when you cross the Betty Ann PDF pattern with Beauty Queen‘s Valerie and Katie Stripe?! One good lookin dress!

Clearly we have our Betty Ann in a sassy pink zebra, below, but we’re now imagining it in array of stripes with a contrasting strap.

What beauty Queen fabric would you use for your Betty Ann?!



A Sis Boom Cottage!

Fresh cut flowers, a warm breeze, lemonade in your hand, and your feet up on a soft, handcrafted quilt. The curtains billow in the air as a Summer breeze passes through, and you dream of your next sewing project… A pillow? A table cloth? A satchel?… all things that make your life just a little bit sweeter. You’re in a Sis Boom cottage, and it’s perfectly balanced between a soft, whimsy sensibility and a sleek modern spin… Somewhere in the middle of those two worlds is where Sis Boom lies. Pom poms and cotton meet glitter and sheen to create a welcoming, happy, inspiring place for you and your family to dream, love and play.

1. Happy Home, signed by Jennifer Paganelli, 2. Papier Mache Animal Sculpture, 3. Jennifer Paganelli Antonia embroidered pillow, 6. Circa Wholecloth Twin Quilt

Summertime For Hickity Pickity!

With nearly 25″ of snow still surrounding us (yes, it’s true in some parts of CT!), heavy boots, scarves, hats and jackets… it’s difficult to imagine that Summer is really around the corner. We’re actually closer than you think- right? Just smile and nod…

Thanks to our dear friend Judy at Hickity Pickity, Summer is feeling just a wee bit closer and we’re LOVING it. Check out these adorable beach photos. There’s nothing quite like a super chunky zebra print.. on an over the moon, adorable, gal.

cute, cute, cute!!!

Who else is longing for a hot, Summer day?! …birds chirping, the sun beating down on your face… throw a sandy beach in the mix, a bike ride to the park, a picnic in a field… you feelin’ it now?

When our Sis Boom friend, Karyn, sent us this adorable tropical capri set, that’s just what we found ourselves longing for! A cute Sis Boom outfit on a hot Summer day!

Beautiful work, Karyn!… and what a beautiful model you’ve got there!!