SIS BOOM ROOM Home Office featuring Happy Land!

Do you have a special little nook for yourself in that home of yours? How good does it feel to settle in to that space that belongs to you… the space that reflects your dreams and thoughts and has endless inspiration scattered about… Today’s Sis Boom Room is based on our dream of a sweet, yet bold home office featuring Jennifer’s Happy Land and some very mod Sis Boom pillows (Thanks Moxii ! (read more after the photo!)



We LOVE the idea of Using Happy Land’s Madison & Eloise in this room for upholstering purposes, curtains, or smaller, homemade pillow accents! The options… endless.

With a few more accents here and there from Anthropologie, and Urban Outfitters it just feels complete. It’s lacking a desk, yes, but we made sure to include the important stuff.. accessories, pattern & texture! If you don’t have a special creative nook in your home, we urge you to borrow our ideas and make that happen for yourself. Your deserve it!

1. Multiple Pencils Holder, 2. Volendam Journal, 3. Pinwheel Push Pins, 4. Bulletin Pencil Cup, 5. Botanicals Labels & Stickers, 6. Bulletin Mouse Pad, 7. Sis Boom Happy Land | Eloise, 8. Sis Boom Happy Land | Madison, 9. UO Dagmar Chair, 10. SIS BOOM Erin Pillow, 11. SIS BOOM Franca Pillow, 12. UO Magical Thinking Arrow Rug


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