Sis Boom SPRING Room

OMG stoppit, IKEA. Are you serious with this incredible, green, velvet couch?! I can’t.. Its color, its texture, its attitude… a trifecta of perfection. Next best thing? Sis Boom pillows, clearly… with a few more IKEA splashes, a dash of Anthropologie, a smattering of Layla Grayce, and a sweet book to top it all off, we’re pretty sure this is a perfect Sis Boom SPRING room. The sun is shining and we are HAPPY!

Close your eyes and imagine that your snuggled up on this couch with some fresh cookies and a warm Spring breeze. Perfecto.





Things I Want My Daughter To Know Book $19.99
IKEA fortjust bowl $4.99
Charlston Rancher Hat $48

Kalindi Napkin $12
IKEA Brasa Lamp $119
IKEA Stockholm $999
Jennifer Paganelli Hotel Monaco Embroidered Pillow $140
Jennifer Paganelli Hotel Monaco Pebbles Embroidered Pillow $140
Jennifer Paganelli Hotel Monaco Rectangles Embroidered Pillow $130
Socker watering can $4.99
Confetti Flora Rug $78

Enjoy your Sunday.

Open those eyes and hope that someone special put a piping hot cup of coffee on your night table. Take a sip and do your morning stretch as you admire the view from your window. It’s Sunday. A day for you to rest and be with family. A day for you to read the book you’ve been carrying around, make that special recipe you’ve been dreaming of, sit down at your sewing table and put a few special stitches in that beloved quilt. It’s YOUR day.

Your enveloped in a beautiful cozy bed, overflowing with down and soft sheets. The bed frame stands proud in its twirly, swirly goodness, and the pillows you rest on are playful and happy. They are Ibiza, by Sis Boom, and they are there to make you smile. They are embroidered luxury, but also perfectly casual.

Yesterday we showcased an Ibiza rug in a room for baby, but this is where Ibiza fits perfectly into your world.

Enjoy your day.

Ibiza Pillow by Jennifer Paganelli

Lydia Bed by Anthropologie

SIS BOOM ROOM Home Office featuring Happy Land!

Do you have a special little nook for yourself in that home of yours? How good does it feel to settle in to that space that belongs to you… the space that reflects your dreams and thoughts and has endless inspiration scattered about… Today’s Sis Boom Room is based on our dream of a sweet, yet bold home office featuring Jennifer’s Happy Land and some very mod Sis Boom pillows (Thanks Moxii ! (read more after the photo!)



We LOVE the idea of Using Happy Land’s Madison & Eloise in this room for upholstering purposes, curtains, or smaller, homemade pillow accents! The options… endless.

With a few more accents here and there from Anthropologie, and Urban Outfitters it just feels complete. It’s lacking a desk, yes, but we made sure to include the important stuff.. accessories, pattern & texture! If you don’t have a special creative nook in your home, we urge you to borrow our ideas and make that happen for yourself. Your deserve it!

1. Multiple Pencils Holder, 2. Volendam Journal, 3. Pinwheel Push Pins, 4. Bulletin Pencil Cup, 5. Botanicals Labels & Stickers, 6. Bulletin Mouse Pad, 7. Sis Boom Happy Land | Eloise, 8. Sis Boom Happy Land | Madison, 9. UO Dagmar Chair, 10. SIS BOOM Erin Pillow, 11. SIS BOOM Franca Pillow, 12. UO Magical Thinking Arrow Rug


Sis Boom Room Marcella IV

This is the fourth Marcella pillow of the collection, and we can’t get over how fun it is to take them from bohemian to sleek and modern to comfortable and cozy. Possibilities are limitless! This particular Sis Boom Room is near and dear to our hearts, as it features a couple works by our dear friend, Barbara Strawser!! … And how sweet is that little Gnome Table by Kartel?!

Here are all four Marcella Pillows…

Now, we all know a Sis Boom Room is never complete without some Straight up Sis Boom Fabric accents… With that being said, my picks for this Sis Boom Room are Rosetta & Mikalea from Honey Child!!! While geometric Mikaela will make beautiful, flowy curtains, lace-like, floral Rosetta can be whipped up into some quick, huge statement pillows! Have fun!!

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