Ella’s 7th birthday!!

Oh it’s a big one for Miss Ella!! She’s 7 today!!! And Mama went all out in Sis Boom style!!!!! Any day can be a special day with a big ol frame some modpodge and Sis Boom fabric!!! We just love our Jennifer , always smiling and she put on a fabulous birthday for Ella !!  She’s a crafty girl for sure..Her etsy shop SouthernBabies Boutique is in full swing!! Check it out here.

We love you miss Ella and your Sissy too!!! Give Ella a birthday shout out friends!!!

5 Responses to “Ella’s 7th birthday!!”

  1. Happy Birthday!!! Sure looks like a special one!!! Great job Jennifer on that frame, such a cute idea!!!

  2. Jennifer Fraunfelder says:

    awe. thanks so much. We had such a blast. And the kids went nuts over the frame. But you know it wouldnt have been so special without the use of your fabric Jenn !

    Your fabric adds a touch of love, color, warmth and sunshine to any project, big and small.

  3. Jennifer Fraunfelder says:

    Emily just saw her photo on here and she’s super excited. She’s getting her Sis Boom spotlight and it’s shinning super bright. She said “she has always wanted to be on Jennifer Paganelli’s website so everyone can see her in something I made”. LOL. And then she said “when are you going to finish my Leighanna dress?” LOL. in due time, all in due time my sweet child. LOL

  4. Jenny Fish says:

    Happy Birthday Emma! I hope you had a wonderful day! The frame is so pretty!

  5. cathy says:

    Happy Birthday Ella!! Love the SisBoom and you look so pretty!

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