Ok so you are loving the crafts

Lucky for you I have more to share..OK so you know the merit badges in Girls World well they make an incredible ornament..(my idea)..Just sayin..seriously  why not????   Grab the book make copies of Vintage wrapping paper,the cards we got as kids (some of us) or old books or antique ephemera and start having a ball.    Folks been asking try Ebay and Etsy under vintage ephemera!!!! Add tassels and personalize who doesn’t love an ornament specifically crafted towards themselves..No Brainer..I also use bits of old ornaments to create new ones and you can see glittered die cuts and beautiful seambinding ribbon make the world go round.Thanks for all your responses makes me want to give you more and more Sis Boom Love.  Questions??  We answer them.  Girls World is the best Holiday gift going and when you purchase from us you get a signed copy (worth lots of money some day) and we carefully wrap it in a piece of wonderful Sis Boom fabric to get you started making some George the Puppies.  I tell you Amazon for gently used books is quite the price and I can’t compete.  That book if I do say so myself is chocked full.  Get your Holiday on..oh and yes indeedy I am watching.

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  1. Monique says:

    you are a genius with the glitter!!

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