Circa Love from down under

Denise Walker another fan from Australia has done such an amazing job with Circa and the overalls are just the most exquisite for your baby.  Photo ops welcome. We are loving the styling at Butterflybees and as of right now there is not a pattern but you never know. You can see her items on Made it!!  We are so delighted to have her as part of the burgeoning group on facebook. I’m telling you they are chatting up on facebook and lots of sewing sites on FB to help you along!! Join the Scientific Seamstress Lab for updates, happenings, sew alongs and coupons!!!!!!  Carla has an infinite staff ready to help and answer questions.  Make sure you sign up today!!!

So Denise we wish you all the very best join Butterflybees on Facebook.

Custom for kids!!

Hanny lach Handmade kids the brain child of Cindy Seaman has such great kidswear and she customizes.  That’s not so easy to find in a world of readymade and she does it so well.  She’s a JP stasher and that makes for lots of options !! So find Cindy on facebook and ask her Wassup?? I love my Australian buds I even got a map out yesterday to see where they all are and they are all over the country.  How they discovered me I will never know.  Cindy is from Canberra, Australia.  I also have an app that tells me what time it is there..(Don’t want to wake them.) Alex and Grace from Queensland, Australia host the most amazing online auctions and Cindy is a part of that group as well.  I tell you I love them all and they get me!!  We are all on facebook press the links and get to know us it’s where we chat and look at amazing fabric all day!!


Loving you!!

All of you near and far who make this business way tooo fun.  So we open again today 12-5 and enjoy your visits. Yes bring your children because they mean the world to us!!  My mom made me this beautiful needlepoint that I will cherish forever!!  My favorite Christmas gift!!!

Just sharing with you highlights of the show..xoxox Suzy is the best!!

Thank you Enriched Stitch for beautifully framing our needlepoint!!


Little Miss Mingle

This is some very exciting news.  Sometime back a few months ago a group called Miss Mingle started sewing up projects and it was with a bit of a challenge in mind.  The outfit that everyone created in the group had to be made with a certain Sis Boom fabric.  It was so exciting to see the creations roll out and It was amazing what ensued.  As the individual designers debuted their finished product they took orders and they took orders and did I say they took orders.  I was copied on all of the correspondence because I had shared some of them on my own facebook and I can tell you I’ve never seen so many orders in my life.  Intrigued to say the least.  So this time around they are creating everything from Crazy Love and we are all gathering around to see the sneek peeks..6 more days, I cannot take it.  So they have a fresh new FB page and are almost ready for some peeks.  Please like them and stay tuned to what these guys create.  I seriously love these girls and their enthusiasm it’s infectious.  Please let me know what else Sis Boom can do to make this a successful launch.  Thanks so much for using our fabrics to create your goodies..

It’s here!! Sis Boom Holiday Show!

I have been making wonderful vignettes using y arsenal of vintage finds!!!  I haven’t been to the flea market in a year and I think I could keep going for another year..Yes I am a hoarder of vintage items, and I am parting with them because I know they make you so happy.  Remember no matter what day you come there is an abundance of items and you will be amazed!!! So when you come the coffee pot will be brewing and we have lots of goodies that Barbara Strawser is bringing so come early and stay all day!! Please, for me!!  check out the colors this is what a Sis Boom Christmas looks like. I’m a girl that can’t seem to do red and green..Wassupwidat!!

Ok so you are loving the crafts

Lucky for you I have more to share..OK so you know the merit badges in Girls World well they make an incredible ornament..(my idea)..Just sayin..seriously  why not????   Grab the book make copies of Vintage wrapping paper,the cards we got as kids (some of us) or old books or antique ephemera and start having a ball.    Folks been asking try Ebay and Etsy under vintage ephemera!!!! Add tassels and personalize who doesn’t love an ornament specifically crafted towards themselves..No Brainer..I also use bits of old ornaments to create new ones and you can see glittered die cuts and beautiful seambinding ribbon make the world go round.Thanks for all your responses makes me want to give you more and more Sis Boom Love.  Questions??  We answer them.  Girls World is the best Holiday gift going and when you purchase from us you get a signed copy (worth lots of money some day) and we carefully wrap it in a piece of wonderful Sis Boom fabric to get you started making some George the Puppies.  I tell you Amazon for gently used books is quite the price and I can’t compete.  That book if I do say so myself is chocked full.  Get your Holiday on..oh and yes indeedy I am watching.

Holiday Show with Barbara Strawser

Yes it’s that time of year again and our artist friend Barbara Strawser is in the house Folks. We know how you love that. So the elves are busy and so am I creating fun ideas and getting the house all festive.  Hope you can all make it. Dec. 1,2,3, that’s  Thursday.  Friday and Saturday.

Just Collaging

I love old paper, I love vintage ephemera!!  Something about the time,the place, the memories, the innocence.  It all is wrapped in a ball of sentiment!!  I just adore playing with them and I encourage you to play too.  Find some quiet time and just explore on Ebay and Etsy for old wrapping paper and cards, see what stirs you, see what you love.  I have to make time for play it’s where I learn the most about myself as I’m sure many artists out there would concur! xo