Setting the Scene Hickity Pickity Style

Judy Buchanin of Hickity Pickity always does such an amazing job of setting the scene.. It’s a Sunday afternoon and the girls are in the sunfilled kitchen baking their little hearts away. The smells are sweet, the colors are saturated and warm, and the clothing is to die for.

Can’t you smell the cupcakes in the oven? Can’t you taste the sweet icing? Doesn’t this make you want to go and sew up a sweet little apron for your sweet little girl?

3 Responses to “Setting the Scene Hickity Pickity Style”

  1. Melissa P says:

    She always manages to suck me into the shot with the clothes, the girls and the props. The girls are just so huggable in their darling Sis Boom finery. Keep up the great work, Judy!

  2. Thanks ladies!!! So sweet of you all, but as you know, without these amazing fabrics none of this would look so yummy!!

  3. Also, Just a note about that apron, you cant make just one!! They are amazing and once you start, before you know it you will have a dozen finished!!

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