The Wonderful World of Honey Child Laminates!

Leave it to our fabulous Jenny Fish of Sew Pretty Dresses

She sewed up with this awesome Honey Child laminate tote! SO COOL! We want one! Jenny, awesome job! This tote looks perfect as a weekend bag, a picnic tote, beach tote, or shopping tote! … the list goes on! It’s so cool we’d just carry it everywhere.

Go peep Jenny’s Blog.. she always has good tunes playing.. we’re getting our groove on right now!

Our laminates are so fun– even for you non-sewers… Cut a nice long piece and drape it over a table as a tablecloth. So pretty and ads flair to any gathering!

Our 4 Honey Child laminates:

5 Responses to “The Wonderful World of Honey Child Laminates!”

  1. Beautiful Bag Jenny!! We can always count on you to give us such pretty things with a gorgeous smile and a joyful heart!! So refreshing!!

  2. omg just noticed the pocket on the side…too much!!!

  3. Melissa P says:

    There’s never any doubt about Jenny’s love for Sis Boom! You can’t help but smile when you see this whole ensemble. Great job, Jenny!

  4. laminate so fun to play with…

  5. Jenny Fish says:

    Yes it is sooo much fun! I loved working with it. It is so interesting how a slight change in finish opens up new avenues for creativity and use.

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