Colorful Love

See how fun??  no perfection, no judgement, just have a good time..then cut them out string them up make a sweet banner..bring the love along.  Thanks for all your twitter and facebook hugs we appreciate them so much. 2013 is your year, give it all you got!! xo  Notice my lovely laminate tablecloth for making messes.  Has anyone seen Happy Land Laminates for sale?? looking everywhere..xo


Clock is ticking

Hey amazon has a great deal on our books!!!!!!!  Ok so not all of you know we have Christmas Stocking Patterns in our Happy Home!!!!   In our Happy Home we love having stockings in non traditional colors and Happy Land is super for giving a Holiday fun feel without being traditional.  So I came up with a durable laminate stocking that is wipe- able!!  And if you add a pocket there’s a place for a note to Santa!!! (my idea) so here we have beautiful Madeline with a laminate stocking which I believe to be so retro looking and really puts a luster on Happy Christmas.  I hope you all love it cause you mean the world to me.  Show us yours, we are watching.Madeline’s dress is very similar to the Angie Pattern for the Holidays.  Fabric for dress found here at Hawthorne Threads  Laminate found at Alewives!  Big thanks to both..Also check out Equilter for our books and rare finds!!

We love likes and reviews on Amazon...thanks from the very bottom.


The Par-Tay

For today and the weeks to follow we will be getting ready for market.  Crazy Love, Super Fly and Happy Land are strewn everywhere and we are cutting fat quarters for our Schoolhouse Giveaway so please come join Carla and I as we debut our wonderful slide show.

For now take in these glorious photos from Tim Geaney and styled by our very own Madeline Rhodes!!  Doesn’t the laminate kick butt!! That laminate is life changing.  So grateful to Westminster for more laminate.

We are so excited by these collections and our creative juices are flowing as are yours.  We love what you all bring to the table.

Soon there will be a drop down menu of our brick and mortars and folks we can’t thank you enough for carrying our fabrics.  That has to be one daunting task and we get it!!

So enjoy the party and the mix up of all the lines converge and work so well together.


Nothing like the Rebecca and a big strand of beads to impress your guests.  Try the new laminates from Happy Land to complete the overall casual elegance and you’ve got yourself a Par-Tay!!!  of course George was roaming around the table looking for someone’s mishaps!!  Oh well you know that Super Fly is the one to love when it comes to cool apparel!! These patterns that Carla Crim puts her engineering stamp on go through the extreme testing before they get the Sis Boom approval.  We want you to love them and live in them..PS Go up to larger sizes because that’s important to us!! Photo Tim Geaney.



Ok so in the flickr group once again and what do I find glorious laminate bags from Mechelle Renee. What’s up with that girl??  She’s a freakin machine!!!  Look at the size of these glorious bags!!!  Folks aren’t even aware of this laminate because it wasn’t in Vogue when we introduced them so lucky for you I found it at on Sale..Yes you heard right!!! onsale!!!! Mechelle when you have a chance share your blog with folks!!  I could not find it..xoxoxo

Listen up Laminators

Carla Crim making it pretty in the back yard..You don’t want to miss this.. You know Carla as the brains behind our patterns but she has a flair for the outdoors, loves to garden and have fun with her son outside.   So wouldn’t it be typical of her to dress up the outdoors too!!  We love you Carla and thanks for the quickie laminate tutorial.  You can find laminate  here .

Heloooo Laminate!

We’re just loving these laminates!!!

Ok, we know we posted a laminate bag just a few days ago, but we stumbled upon this beauty and couldn’t resist posting about it today!

Made by our awesome friend, Victoria of Bumble Beans, this laminate screams out Summer fun! Can’t you imagine toting this beauty along the beach stuffed with your fabulous book, sandals, sunglasses and towel!? (psst… ignore the fact that it’s been raining for the past 2 weeks!)

If you’re not a sewer, we suggest you pick up some yardage in order to dress your table, like Victoria did here!…

Where can you purchase your laminates?, and Modern June are two great places to start!!

Super PS… did you see yesterday’s raffle post?! What are you waiting for! Go leave a comment to enter! Winner gets 10 yards of Old School Sis Boom fabric!! yeah!!!

Loving that Laminate!!

Feast your eyes on this awesome laminate bag!! We know the thought of laminate may be a little scary.. something new.. something shiny.. something that feels different from your usual cotton…  but, we’re here to say– try it out!!! We’ve been getting the greatest feedback!

Check out this adorable laminate handbag we found on flickr via Urbanna‘s photo stream!!

Check This Out!! We’ve created a downloadable PDF that answers all of your laminate questions. You can get it by clicking here, scrolling down to the bottom of the page, where you will see How do I sew using the Laminated Fabric?… below that you will see a link to click for the PDF download. Perfect for you to keep on hand next to your  your sewing machine!

Sequins, Felt, and Laminate.. Oh boy!

These precious little gems were whipped up by Jennifer … She sewed glitzy, happy sequins atop little circles of felt. Who knew that combo would be so magical?!

Spread these beauties out on some Queen Street laminate and viola… just a pretty scene! These will make awesome embellishments, ornaments, a garland, a gift topper.. and the list goes on!

The Wonderful World of Honey Child Laminates!

Leave it to our fabulous Jenny Fish of Sew Pretty Dresses

She sewed up with this awesome Honey Child laminate tote! SO COOL! We want one! Jenny, awesome job! This tote looks perfect as a weekend bag, a picnic tote, beach tote, or shopping tote! … the list goes on! It’s so cool we’d just carry it everywhere.

Go peep Jenny’s Blog.. she always has good tunes playing.. we’re getting our groove on right now!

Our laminates are so fun– even for you non-sewers… Cut a nice long piece and drape it over a table as a tablecloth. So pretty and ads flair to any gathering!

Our 4 Honey Child laminates: