Spreading the LOVE

Just a very special hello during this very special February day!!! We hope your day is full of even more beauty than this striking floral heart that Jennifer hand crafted.

Doesn’t it just make you want to stop and smell the roses?! It is so full of life, energy and love. We Knew it would make you smile.

Write in and let us know how your Valentine’s Day is going! Let’s spread the love! Oh, and yes, That is a Barbara Strawser cluster of paintings in the back! We just can’t help ourselves!

5 Responses to “Spreading the LOVE”

  1. AlyGatr says:

    Beyootiful heart! I can just smell the flowers 🙂 My hubby is out of town this week (sniff) BUT, I’ve had plenty of hugs and kisses from my kiddos today and I feel loved.

  2. ruth says:


  3. Rosanne Derrett says:

    Absolutely gorgeous – will have to go dumpster diving to find some silk flowers for this project!

  4. Rachaeldaisy says:

    What a beautiful flowery heart!! I had a very busy Valentines Day working in a flower shop selling zillions of roses and bouquets. Everyone was in a happy romantic mood so even though it was super busy there was laughter and smiles. The lead up to Valentines day is always a bit stressful and tiring with long days of preparation but I wanted to thank you for your Month Of Love. It really helped remind me what it’s all about and popping over here to see the daily post always made me smile.

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