Handmade with Love,

It’s getting closer and the elves are putting on finishing touches, come get coffee and cookies and a big ol hug from all of us!!!!  We are so excited to meet and greet.  Please say you’ll come!! Barbara’s Paintings make a great gift for yourself this Holiday season, Been good?? Treat yourself.  Barbara is bringing her calenders and I’m signing lots of books!!! Fabric, Holiday, decorations, ornaments, and loads of jewelry!! Bring loads of friends and make Merry!!!


It’s that time of year again! Sis Boom Holiday Sale in December!

Come and join us this December! Put it in your calendar. Friday December 13th, Saturday December 14th, and Sunday December 15th!!!

Among all things wonderful, including our lovely friend & folk artist, Barbara Strawser, there will be fabric, glitter galore, ornaments, all the handmade trinkets that you love, vignettes, jewelry, and MORE! We can’t wait to see you and spread the holiday cheer! For our friends who are far away and cannot make it, we will have something special for you too!

Holiday Show with Barbara Strawser

Yes it’s that time of year again and our artist friend Barbara Strawser is in the house Folks. We know how you love that. So the elves are busy and so am I creating fun ideas and getting the house all festive.  Hope you can all make it. Dec. 1,2,3, that’s  Thursday.  Friday and Saturday.

Green Glitter Apron Coming Your Way…

Morning, Lovelies!!!

We are just having so much fun these past few days divulging all of the Girl’s World secrets we had to keep for so, so long! We can’t thank you enough for your support, beautiful comments and for spreading the word!

We’re certain you noticed the stunning green glitter apron in our previous post… well.. good news for all of YOU! Pretty soon we will be placing a limited amount of these beauties in the Sis Boom Store!!.. and maybe, just maybe… hosting a green glitter skirt raffle sometime in the future!… So… stay tuned.. It’s sure to pop up within the next few weeks 🙂

Just to get you excited… (and how beautiful does our Sophie look?! Wowzer!)

A few more very, very special people we want to mention in this post (we were so blessed with such a spectacular team that these Thank Yous will surely continue over the course of the next few weeks!!)… Our Dear Barbara Strawser whose beautiful paintings are placed here there and everywhere throughout Girl’s World… her artwork brings the story to life and completes every scene! And to our spectacular Dolin — We SO could not have done it without ya!!!

psssst In case you haven’t caught each of the raffles yet (and yes!, you may partake in ALL 3!!!), here are the links:

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Spreading the LOVE

Just a very special hello during this very special February day!!! We hope your day is full of even more beauty than this striking floral heart that Jennifer hand crafted.

Doesn’t it just make you want to stop and smell the roses?! It is so full of life, energy and love. We Knew it would make you smile.

Write in and let us know how your Valentine’s Day is going! Let’s spread the love! Oh, and yes, That is a Barbara Strawser cluster of paintings in the back! We just can’t help ourselves!

Will You Be Our Valentines?!

Good Morning to all… and HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!! We hope that your mornings are all off to a lovely start and that your day has in store for you nothing but hearts, chocolates roses, and ALL things happy!!!

To kick off the special day we have a super simple, super fun garland tutorial for you! It requires a 1 1/2″ punch, dental floss, a hot glue gun… and lots of love. Quick– go whip one up and surprise him either when he wakes up, or when he gets home tonight! yay!

PS, we know you can’t help but to notice the awesome Barbara Strawser Mermaid panel…. Sigh. So beautiful, right? and… we can’t say much more, but you’ll be seeing more than just a sneak peak of that Queen Street headboard in a few weeks or so… xo Have a wonderful day! See tutorial below!!!

To create your own:

  • Download the Heart circles PDF by clicking on any of the above images
  • Print out Heart Circles and either punch them out with a 1 1/2″ punch OR use a scissor to cut those babies out
  • Take a piece of dental floss and hot glue gun your heart circles back to back with the dental floss between them!
  • Hang this lovely creation wherever your heart desires
  • Have fun!

Sweet, Bright & Simple

Seems like Bouquets are the Sis Boom way to say, I LOVE YOU, this Valentine’s day. There’s something so sweet about presenting a bouquet… like a wrapped up story of love represented by color, texture, and fun! The other important piece in this photo that screams out LOVE?!… The tiny angel & sheep painting by our lovely and amazing friend, Barbara Strawser… how precious?

If you’re into this sweet circle bouquet, this is one you can make at home in just a few minutes (see tutorial below)! Have FUN!

  • Download the PDF of circles (by clicking on either image below).
  • Print out the circles (we used photo paper to get a nice, glossy finish).
  • Cut out the circles (or punch ’em out, if you have one of those handy punches!!).
  • Using a thin wire, cut about 12 pieces all the same length (depending on how long you’d like your ‘stems’). Glue your circles back to back, with the piece of wire in between, and then tie all of your wire stems together with a special bow!
  • Perfecto!

Let’s Kick Off February! The month of LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!

Well, here’s the deal… we had every intention of waiting until the 1st of February do kick of the Sis Boom Month of L-O-V-E… but we just couldn’t do it! We’re BURSTING at the seams with LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!! Love for you, Love for our families, Love for our friends… basically love is flying in every direction and we can no longer contain it!

Here is a colorful, happy, trinket that is just FULL of love! It’s being posted today, before the start of February, to show just how serious we are about the love thang.

And another version…

And some more.. it’s no coincidence that a Barbara Strawser painting is peeking from behind … we’re SO full of LOVE for Barbara!! (is all this Love talk making you sick already?! Well, Get ready for a month full of it 😉 )

You all sent in such beautiful comments during January, our month of renewal and loving oneself… will you please grace us with your beautiful comments on love?! Pretty please?! Your comments make us SO happy!